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The Paiyaa contest winners were treated for a special screening followed by an interactive session with lead actors Karthi, Tamannah, director Lingusamy and cinematographer Madhie. Excerpts from the interesting session.

Why do we always see you in two-day old stubble?

Karthi - The problem is I cannot see myself as clean shaven. There are certain things that would suit you and certain things that would not. So, that’s the reason you always see me unshaved.

There is always a fight sequence in your films in an open field. Is it some kind of sentimental stuff?

Lingusamy - It just happened that way. There is no sentiment attached to it. In Run, when they run out of the city, the place had to be something like that. In Sandakozhi and Paiyaa too it was just a happenstance. I would be careful from my next project.

Tamannah, do you drive?

Tamannah - I don’t know driving till I started working for Paiyya. I just learnt a bit for this film but I don’t think I can drive properly. But they shot very intelligently and I did the shots required for the film correctly. I also checked if they had any insurance because I don’t know how I am going to drive.

Your stunts were good. Did you take training?

Karthi - I don’t fight in the streets (laughs) but of course I am getting trained for action sequences. As far as this film is concerned, Kanal Kannan master helped me a lot. He taught me many things from the body language to attitude to every punch. I have never done stunts like this before. In fact this is the first time I am trying something with a rope. Every shot was well rehearsed as safety was very important. Kanal Kannan would never compromise on safety. And Madhie sir portrayed me as someone who punched one hundred people when I just punched one. Anthony also has edited it perfectly.

I have never done stunts

like this before

Have you controlled traffic in real life like how you did in Paiyaa?

Karthi - I am not keen to join police (chuckles). I have done like that in a couple of instances near my house near Residency Tower. That’s about it!

Would you work with your brother Suriya?

Karthi - I have answered that in many interviews. Initially, I was apprehensive but now I think I am compelled to do it especially when I think about it from a fan’s point of view, I feel it would definitely be interesting. Many people like Lingusamy sir, Bala sir also have told me. If I get a good script, I am ready to do the role of a villain also.

Would you do a six pack like your brother?

Karthi - I have a ready-made answer for this. Six is not my lucky number. Perhaps eight packs like in Hollywood!

How was Paiyaa conceived?

Lingusamy - After Sandakozhi, we were having discussion in Tirupathy and returning and that’s when a small spark hit me - that of the girl at the petrol bunk asking the boy to start the car leaving behind the man who accompanied her. Such flashes will appear on and off which will be dormant (in my mind) but will get expressed in different scripts. This brainwave was the central point around which I spun the story of Paiyaa. Every time when I create a script, I will sit alone for a week and will complete the base idea after which I sit with my assistants. When I sit alone with my thoughts, ideas take different shapes and evolve in diverse ways. That’s how the idea of the girl the hero loves comes to him and seeks his help to take her to a far away destination was born.

Why the title ‘Paiyaa’?

Lingusamy - I felt this was the apt and the right choice. Some stories will demand a particular title in a specific style. Actually, I should have either named this film as ‘Run 2’ or ‘Speed’ but I would not have got the tax rebate.

What is your next project? What is the story like?

Lingusamy - Talks are on to do a film with Silambarasan. Well, let it remain a suspense!

Will you work with Tamannah again?

Lingusamy - You ask her this question.

I will definitely

wait for his call
Will you work with Lingusamy again?

Tamannah - It is like a dream working with Lingusamy sir. It was fun shooting and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I will definitely wait for him to call me and ask my dates for any other film.

What is your next project Karthi?

Karthi - Naan Mahaan Alla, directed by Suseendran of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. Again Madhie is the cameraman, Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music director and Kajal Agarwal is my heroine. It is a story revolving around a Chennai middle class family and is also a crime thriller. It is a parallel and a realistic story.

Why Karthi did not speak any punch dialogues in Paiyaa?

Lingusamy - Karthi is yet to get corrupted and is very pure. I also will not feel like having such dialogues irrespective of the number of films I make or the type of heroes I work with. My idea of heroism, which is equivalent to one hundred punch dialogues, is the scene in Paiyaa where Karthi bashes up the Mumbai rowdies and sits relaxed in Jagan’s room and answers him that it was he who hit them because he believed that in Mumbai the first blow should be from his side. That’s what I believe in and that’s my mood! Even if I work with Rajinikanth or Vijay, I would want to make a film in my style

Karthi is yet to get

corrupted and is

very pure

Why are you wearing many colorful strings around your wrist?

Karthi - This is for the film that I am currently working in and I am here straight from the shooting spot. We are all living the roles that we play! (laughs)

Then are you living like a mahaan now?

Karthi - No way, it is risky now to live the role of a mahaan (laughs again). I am not doing that.

When are you going to act?

Lingusamy - I have been asked this question many times and I am going to answer it in this forum. I have decided to act… (a pause) but after forty years when I become like director Viswanath sir. So, till such time, there is no competition for Karthi. (guffaws)

You started in a negative role in Kedi. Would you do such roles in future?

Tamannah - I always want to do things differently and that’s when Kedi happened. I don’t have any fixed notions. If I get across a story I like, I will take it up.

When would you dub?

Tamannah - I don’t know. When the director thinks I am right enough for dubbing in my voice, I will do it.

Did you find it risky to shoot the chase sequences?

Madhie - Yes. It was risky shooting when vehicles are moving at a minimum speed of 100 kms per hour. But we had taken all precautionary measures. Kanal Kannan master took care of my safety.

Now director Lingusamy put forth a question to the audience

What did you like in Paiyaa?

Audience - Yuvan’s music, chemistry between Karthi and Tamannah, the beautiful portrayal of the barren national highway.
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