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Eeram has been receiving rave reviews and riding on its success wave is its hero Adhi, the Mirugam man, who had delivered impeccable performance as a police officer in the film. Much in contrast with his on screen characters, Adhi comes across as a soft spoken suave gentleman who discusses with behindwoods.com about Eeram, Shankar and other aspects of the film.

Tell us about Eeram

Aadhi: Eeram is my second film. Like any other artists I was desirous of doing a different role from my first film i.e. Mirugam. It is generally difficult to get what one wishes for but I was fortunate to be offered the role that is close to my heart. My heartfelt thanks to director Arivazhagan and producer Shankar sir!

What are the reasons for Eeram’s success?

Teamwork is responsible for the success of Eeram. From director to music director to artistes, we all gelled well and worked as a unit. That is the main reason.

About director Arivazhagan

From the time he narrated the story to me, I saw his diligence in every element of the film. He was very meticulous and took care of minute details in the film. Even to buy a pen, which is to be kept in a shirt pocket, he would personally go and purchase it. That is why the final product has turned out very well.

Cinematographer Manoj Paramahans

Arivazhagan was ably supported in his endeavor by cinematographer Manoj Paramahans. Manoj is currently working with Gautham Menon in Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya. In fact, Eeram started much before VTV. Manoj is very young and I was not sure about him initially. But when I observed him at work, I realized he was superb. He is very quick and at the same time brings out the best quality. It was very nice working with him. A director may conceive a scene but it is in the hands of the cameraman to present the contents in the right way visually.

Music director Thaman

Music director Thaman was one of the boys in ‘Boys’. I knew he would churn out good numbers but when I heard the ‘mazhaye mazhaye’ number, I was spell bound and I knew this song is suffice to pull the crowd to the theatres. I was proved right and the song is a super hit number. I saw Eeram without re-recording and felt it was good. However, when I saw it again with re-recording, I was completely flummoxed by the effects of music. Thanks to Thaman!

How did you get Eeram offer?

To put matters in a nutshell, a photo fetched me the role in Eeram. After I finished Mirugam, there was a two month gap. I had lost around 22 kilos for the climax scene. It took me around two to three months to gain back that weight. During that period, many people brought me scripts similar to Mirugam with village back drop and a rough and tough character. I did not want to do such roles again and wanted some contrast from my earlier work. That’s the time Arivazhagan saw my picture in a newspaper and called for me. After audition, he suggested my name to Shankar sir who also endorsed his view and that’s how I came into Eeram. Here I would like to thank the person who is responsible for publishing my picture. If not for that picture, I would not have been selected for Eeram.

" A photo fetched me

the role in Eeram "

" Charithiram is a

Silambam-based film "

What are your other projects?

After Eeram, I started Charithiram which is being directed by ‘Mirugam’ Sami. Kalabhavan Mani and Rajkiran are my costars. It is a period film based on an incident which happened in 1980s. It revolves around Indian martial arts especially Silambam. Eighty five percent of the film is complete. I hope it will come out in a couple of months. After Charithiram, I am doing Ayyanar produced by PL Thenappan and I am fortunate to be cast in Ayyanar. Debutant Rajamithiran is directing the film. Thaman is the music director again.

Would you act in other languages too?

I don’t have much idea about other languages as of now though offers are coming in. If some good project comes my way, I will certainly take it up.

When are you going to dance in your films?

Mirugam was completely a village based film. There was kuthu paattu but it was not anything like dance. It was more like a ‘mirugam’ dancing (chuckles). In Eeram, you cannot have a dance sequence for my role. There is a certain kind of mood in Eeram from the start of ‘S’ Pictures’ logo to end credit. One cannot force dance into such a film. In Charithiram and Ayyanar, I have danced. Hope you all like it.

Director Shankar as Producer Shankar

Shankar was extremely supportive and encouraged all of us. I was shooting Charithiram and one night Arivazhagan called and conveyed Shankar’s appreciation after seeing Eeram’s double positive. He told me Shankar was extremely satisfied with the way the film had shaped up and was even ready to spend some more money, if needed. I was very happy when I heard this. Eeram’s success should be credited to Shankar. If not for his encouragement, we would not have been able to scale great heights.

" Shankar was

extremely supportive and

encouraged all of us "

About your costars in Eeram

As I had mentioned earlier, Eeram had a great team at work. My costars were Nanda, Saranya Mohan and Sindhu Menon. But for Sindhu, others are experienced artistes and for me this is my second film. Initially, I had apprehensions whether I would be comfortable with them or whether I can perform on par with them. But once the shooting began, they made me comfortable and never treated me like a newcomer. I take this opportunity to thank all my costars for making me feel so comfortable.

Did you do any homework for the ACP role in Eeram?

When Arivazhagan offered me the role of ACP in Eeram, I never thought it would require a lot of home work. However, I met a police officer friend of mine and discussed with him the story and got many tips from him that came in handy. In addition, I listened to the director and followed his instructions.

" All roles are

my dream roles "

What is your dream role?

All roles are my dream roles. I am not saying this to sound politically correct. From the start to finish of a film, the role I play in it is my dream role. Before signing any film, I am generally apprehensive about how much I am going to deliver or justify the character that is given to me. A director toils so much to create a story losing many sleepless nights. I am only keen to bring out the depth that the director has conceived for the role. Hence I will only be thinking about that film at that time. I will be happy when I satisfy the demands of the director.

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