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Deiva Thirumagal is releasing next week and Amala Paul, one of the film’s female leads talks to about the film, director Vijay and her other projects.

Your career and current projects

My debut movie is Vikadakavi, which is released only recently. There were issues in the production of the movie and it more or less got stalled after about 80% was over. I never thought it would release and naturally when it was released I was very happy. In Malayalam, I have acted in Lal Jose’s direction in Neelathamarai. And then Myna happened. That is how my career started.

My costumes are colorful in

Deiva Thirumagal

Your character in Deiva Thirumagal?

Deiva Thirumagal is my 5th movie. And another interesting fact is that the day I committed to Deiva Thirumagal was on my birthday, October 26th. I am very excited about its release; to watch it in big screens. I will always be proud of the fact that I could share screen space with Vikram. Another learning experience is working for director Vijay. I could learn a lot of things. I acquired a lot of fans after Myna. I hope I will be able to satisfy all of them with Deiva Thirumagal.

I wanted to break free from my Myna image and do different roles. I do not want to be typecast with roles like Myna. I feel satisfied with my role in Deiva Thirumagal, which is a total contrast from Myna. The character’s name is Shweta, who is only about a couple of years older than my real age. She is a very matured, stylish and rich girl. As opposed to Myna, my costumes are colorful in this movie. Shweta is very intelligent and settled. I am very sure all of you will enjoy my part in the movie. I enjoyed doing it. I have combination scenes with almost everyone in the movie. And I enjoyed doing every bit of it and I’m dying to watch in the theatres.

Are you cast opposite Vikram?

That you can watch in theatres. I do not want to ruin the suspense. I gave you an outline of the character. It’s not a hero-heroine subject. What’s special about the movie is that every character will remain etched in your memory after the movie is over. It’s a performance oriented role for me. I am hopeful that everybody will enjoy the movie. Second half of the movie will be like watching a Hollywood movie.

Second half of Deiva Thirumagal

will be like watching a

Hollywood movie

Were there any difficult scenes in Deiva Thirumagal?

I did not feel there were any difficult scenes for me to enact in the movie. But I enjoyed every scene. I had to match the expectations of director Vijay and Vikram. So I put in a lot of efforts. Climax scene is an unforgettable experience for me. Vikram had 2-3 page dialogues and I felt as if it was a real mentally challenged person who was doing that part when I saw Vikram’s acting. I broke down after watching the scene.

Combination scenes with Anushka

There are not a lot of direct combination scenes for me and Anushka. There are court scenes.

Anushka is grounded

Tell us about your experience performing with Anushka

She’s my senior and an experienced actor. On the sets everyone was experienced except me. And probably Sarah! I think even Sarah is more experienced than me since she has started early as a model. She’s been acting since she was 6 months old. Anushka is the reigning queen of Tollywood but I felt she was grounded. She’s like a girl next door and a fantastic actress. Very professional. I loved every minute with the Deiva Thirumagal crew.

Tell us about the child artist Sarah

Sarah is our angel on the sets. I have combination scenes with Sarah in schools. Since I love kids, it was very easy for me to get along well with her. She’s smart and a great actress too. Her dad is also a good actor and I think she has that inborn talent. She is brilliant and even helps us while waiting for dialogue cues. She’s only 6 and I am sure she’s going to rock in the movie. She will become a household name in Tamil Nadu after the release of the movie.

How many songs do you have in this movie?

There is only one song for me (Jagadajom..) and it’s a montage song.

How is this role different from Myna?

Both the characters – Myna and Shweta are different from me in real life. Shweta is matured, educated and settled. When I saw the movie while dubbing I was amazed. I look beautiful, thanks to Nirav. And I liked my performance as well.

Tell us something about the music of the movie

I am a big fan of G V Prakash. My favorite song is Areero Areero which brings tears to my eyes. And Vennilave song as well. He’s just great.

How did you get this role in Deiva Thirumagal?

Vijay told me that I look like a kid when he met me to discuss the movie. Since the character is very mature, he needed someone to be mature. And after looking at costumes and hairdos he became satisfied. And when he told me the story I was happy with my character. I am also honored to be a part of a movie like this.

Vijay tells me I look like a kid

Vijay is one among a million

Tell us about director Vijay

He’s an amazingly brilliant person. I need not tell you how brilliant his works are. But he is down to earth and grounded. He is one among a million, I would say. I have never seen him lose his temper. You can see him all the time sporting his close-up smile. He is very encouraging and never gets irritated even if it runs to 100 takes. He is much focused and knows what he wants. He is also a great friend.

Cinematography in Deiva Thirumagal

Nirav Shah is a great cinematographer who has worked in Bollywood films. I cannot comment on his work since I am not experienced enough. I feel so lucky to have acted in his frames. I do not know what magic he does but I end up looking beautiful. Even in Vettai, I look beautiful and I constantly thank Nirav for that.

About Vettai

In Vettai also I am a village belle. A bubbly and talkative girl in the movie, I am playing Arya’s love interest. There are lots of little romantic sequences between us. It’s a commercial family entertainer and focuses on the story of two families. There is also Maddy and Sameera Reddy. It’s a huge thing to be able to work with Lingusamy. Even last year it was only a dream to me. I feel great to be a part of this movie.

Your work experience with Arya

Our scenes are not like usual romance scenes. They are endearing at best. It’s not openly disclosed love but enjoyable.

The love between me and Arya

is not openly disclosed

There are two heroes in

Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal

Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal

You will see a totally different Amala Paul in Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal. The character’s name is Charulatha. The story happens in Bangalore and is between a US return girl and the hero, who is Atharva. It’s a challenge for me since the role is equally prominent as the hero. It’s as if there are two heroes in the movie. I am the CEO of an IT company and my dad is very rich. I am really looking forward for Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal.

Will you commit to act in a movie like Sindhu Samaveli now?

I did not know such controversies would arise out of that movie. As far as I am concerned, I only look my comfort factor while doing any role. So that way I liked my character Sundari in the movie. I do not know if I’ll do a role like that now. That would depend on the director and the script.

What are your future projects?

My ongoing projects are Vettai and Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal. I haven’t committed in any other projects. I am waiting for Deiva Thirumagal.

Did you watch any Tamil movies recently?

I saw Avan Ivan and I loved it. Vishal has done an amazingly outrageous role.

Tell us about Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy is in the industry for about a decade. I have a lot of combination scenes in the movie with her. She’s very genuine and has become my best friend now. You can see a lot of fakes in the industry. But she’s genuine and straightforward. She is a brilliant actress and professional as well. I feel so proud of being part of such passionate crews either in Deiva Thirumagal or Vettai.

Sameera is genuine and


Yuvan’s music

I am always a fan of Yuvan’s music. There are six songs in Vettai and I’m part of every song. We just finished shooting for a wedding song of Maddy and Sameera. It’s a village peppy track. And my duet with Arya is also very nice.

Your role models in the industry

My role models are Sridevi, whom I admire a lot. I also like Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie.

I am a big Suriya fan

Your favorite actors

Although I like everyone, I grew up watching the films of Rajinikanth, Suriya and Vikram. And I am a big Suriya fan.

Your favorite actresses

I am a big fan of Suhasini, Revathi, Shobana and Sridevi.

Your dream project / role?

I have a list of favorite directors with whom I want to work. I want to create an identity for myself that would be there for decades to come in the industry. I want to prove myself as an actress.

The Ooty party incident during Deiva Thirumagal shoot

That’s very wrong. I was misconstrued. I said something and whatever was published was totally different. Newspapers write anything because they produce news. I feel very bad about it and do not want to talk about it.

Your final words

I request everyone to go watch Deiva Thirumagal in the theatres. Please watch it only in theaters and do not promote piracy. Please let me know your feedback after watching the movie. Thank you all. Bye.

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