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Andrea is a multifaceted artist. She is awaiting her next release Vishwaroopam with Kamal. In an email interview she shares with behindwoods about the film, her projects and much more.

How did you get the role in Vishwaroopam?

I was approached for the film by the executive producer who had worked with me previously on another film. Then I met Kamal sir and Gauthami ma'am, and a few days later it was finalized. Simple as that! No special formula.

I would like to believe that

Kamal hired me for my acting


You won Kamal’s heart when you sang ‘Who’s the hero’ for Manmadhan Ambu. Can you recall the incident? Does this have anything to do with your current role?

That's funny! If I had won Kamal sir over as a singer, then he would have hired me to sing for his film. But I haven't sung anything in Viswaroopam; I've only acted in it. So I would like to believe that he hired me for my acting skills and nothing else!

Tell us more about your role in the film

You will have to wait for the film.

You’ve been portrayed as dancing with Kamal in the film. How was it and was it tough to match the skilled dancer in Kamal?

It was the most exciting and enjoyable part of the film for me. And I have to say that Birju Maharaj-ji and Kamal sir were very patient with me and everyone was pleased with the end result. It’s not a typical song choreography; the audience will see that for themselves when they watch the film.

How was it acting with Shekar Kapoor?

Shekar is one of the most charming and intelligent men I've ever met. He is so down to earth and utterly chilled out, in spite of his Oscars! I had great fun working with him, and his adorable daughter Kaveri used to be my pet on the sets while we were shooting in the US.

Do you share screen space with Pooja Kumar?

Yes I did. We both started shooting for the film around the same time. And Kamal sir has created a very interesting chemistry between both our characters. She is a very hard-working actor and I hope she gets a lot of work in the Indian film industry. She deserves it.

Pooja is a very hard-working


Kamal is way ahead of this


Which facet of Kamal do you admire the most- the actor or the director?

It's a tough choice! But being an actor myself, I would choose the director in him. He is way ahead of this industry and it was an absolute pleasure to be directed by someone with such a clear vision of what he wants. And the great thing is that Kamal sir has the knowledge and expertise to translate that vision onto the screen, which is where lesser directors usually fall short.

How did your theatre experience help you in this film?

Kamal sir and I had a discussion on whether theatre experience helps a film actor in any way. And the truth is, they are two entirely different mediums. The only way in which theatre helped me is that it gave me the confidence to get in front of the camera, because being onstage in front of hundreds or thousands of people is far more intimidating. Having said that, the ability to emote is quintessential to being an actor, whether you learn it from being on stage or being in front of the camera, doesn't really matter.

You have sung a peppy number in Billa 2. How was it to work with Yuvan?

Yuvan gave me one of my best songs ever-Idhu Varai. I will always be grateful to him for that, and will sing for him anytime, anywhere!

Do you think your anglicized voice is your biggest USP?

Ha-ha ! I always thought it was a disadvantage. There are very few songs that suit my voice. But when the right song comes along, music directors call me because they believe that no one else can sing it the way I do. And I'm thankful to them for that.

No one else can sing the way I


You being among the rare tall heroines, do you have any comment to make on the heights of our popular heroes? Have you missed out on opportunities to play the lead female role due to your height?

Yes I have, on quite a few occasions actually! But I've also noticed that once a heroine gives a few commercial hits, people forget about height, weight etc. So there's no straight answer to that question! It's more to do with luck and being in the right place at the right time.

I will only be dubbing for myself

You are a voice artiste of great caliber. Would you give your voice for anyone else?

I have dubbed for myself in the Tamil and Hindi versions of Viswaroopam. And in future, I will only be dubbing for myself, unless a fantastic animated film comes my way, because I would love to do a cartoon voice... It will be so much fun!

You have a reputation of working only with quality technicians be it Pachaikili or Aayirathil Oruvan or Vishwaroopam or Mankatha? Is this a happy coincidence or you have planned your career in such a way?

It's a mixture of both. I've said NO to a lot of films, even at the risk of sitting at home with no work. I am just built that way, money doesn't motivate me, only good work does! But my new resolution is to say yes to films more often!

My new resolution is to say yes

to films more often

Tell us something about your film Pudhiya Thiruppangal?

This is a film made by a small group of people with great conviction and belief in the film and the message it conveys. And it was wonderful to work with such honest people. I have met wonderful people and made long-lasting friends on that set like Madhu sir, Sharadha and Ruku. And I look forward to working with them again!

What are the projects that you’re working on now?

Nothing at all ! I have been listening to a few scripts, but I haven't found anything that swept me off my feet. So I'm happy to wait until the right script and the right team comes my way. Till then I have my hands full with promo events for my soon-to-be-released films and my music performances.
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