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Anjali who made everyone take notice of her in Angadi Theru, shares her thoughts with on Engeyum Eppodhum.

About Engeyum Eppodhum

About my character in Engeyum Eppodhum; I play a nurse who lives in Trichy. She is a bold woman with dominating traits. The role had good scope for performance. Audience will relate to the character.

About Jai

Jai plays my lead in the movie. He suits the role very well; he enacts the role of an innocent boy in the movie. He is a very good artist.

Jai is a very good artist

Engeyum Eppodhum gives you a

lead to the climax and follows it

up from there

Tell us something about the movie’s genre

The movie is about something you would go through in your day to day life. Nobody has ever attempted to show that in a movie. It’s about the love and life of two couples. The title signifies that anything can happen anytime. It’s about the uncertainty of life. Usually, movies don’t start and end at the same place. But Engeyum Eppodhum gives you a lead to the climax and follows it up from there. That is the special aspect of the movie.

About Ananya

The only combination scenes between Ananya and me were the climax scenes in the movie. Even then, you won’t see us both together onscreen. That’s how the scenes are designed.

How do you feel about the movie; now that you have finished it?

After watching the movie’s screening, I get the same feeling I got after I finished Angadi Theru. Many people gave me positive feedback saying this will fetch me more recognition than even Angadi Theru. I was impressed with the movie’s script when it was narrated to me but I never thought the movie would bowl people over so much.

Engeyum Eppodhum will fetch

me more recognition than Angadi


About director Saravanan

Saravanan used to be Murugadoss’s assistant director and he is very talented. He knows how to extract work from the artists. He also knows how to handle the script so as to bring everything into the movie. The movie doesn’t lack in pace and the thriller element is intact throughout.

About your cameo in Mankatha. Why did you accept it?

It’s a man movie. There are about three heroines in the movie. Since my character provides the lead to the climax and it had scope for performance, I accepted the movie. I am really satisfied about the result. Even after leaving the theatres, audience will remember my character and that’s precisely why I took it up.

Tell us about your movies after Angadi Theru

Thoonga Nagaram, Karungali, Mankatha and Engeyum Eppodhum are the movies I signed after Angaadi Theru. And Vetothi Sundaram is releasing, which is a feel good movie.

How did you get the offer to star in Engeyum Eppodhum?

Murugadoss wanted me in the role since he felt I would be suitable for the role after watching Angadi Theru. After watching Engeyum Eppodhum, he told me that I had done a good job and that the movie has come out well. He also expressed confidence that his first production venture will be received well.

About the songs of the movie

There are 5 songs in the movie. I actually had nothing much to do in terms of dancing. There is only one due song Masama and there was only one movement for me in that. Since the director felt duet songs would be a distraction from the main story, we did not have it.

You agreed to do Mankatha because it was a big banner movie, though your role was small. Would you do the same thing for a small banner movie?

It’s not because of Mankatha’s big banner that I did the movie. I liked my role in the movie. I will take up a small role that I think will create an impact even if it’s from a small banner.

Any interesting scenes in Engeyum Eppodhum you would like to tell us

It would have to be the climax, which was very interesting. The movie’s climax runs for about half-hour and it will be enjoyed by audience from all walks of life.

Did you feel the movie’s message comes across strongly?

Yes. I do feel so. The movie talks about how accidents happen and how rules are flouted every minute on the roads. I am not saying that people would change after watching the movie but it will definitely create awareness among people.

We find traces of Vaanam in the movie. Do you think so too?

No. The only similarity the movie has with Vaanam is that both have a multi-star cast. Otherwise both are different.

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