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Dhansika is excited as she is eagerly looking forward to the release of Aravan. Here is Dhansika sharing her experiences on Aravan.

How did Aravan happen?

Vasantha Balan sir had called me for Angadi Theru but as I was working in Peranmai then, I could not work in Angadi Theru. After that also, he was constantly calling me for his movie. I don’t know why. He only knows the reason. Later when he was starting Aravan, he called me and I was asked to do a photo shoot. I was dressed and made up like a woman who lived three centuries ago and I was like the Vana Pechi he had envisaged. I also liked the image that was hidden inside me which was discovered by Vasantha Balan sir. I am thankful to him for that.

Working with Aadhi

Aadhi is dedicated, jovial, cool and composed but when it comes to work, his dedication and concentration is amazing. You will realize his hard work when you see Aravan. He has toiled very hard for this movie like getting a six pack and so on. Aadhi has given two years of his life to Aravan. Not only him, the entire team from artists to technical crew, everybody has worked very hard for this film. All the sequences of the film have been shot in forest areas and everybody has contributed to the film in a significant manner.

Aadhi’s dedication is amazing

Your role in Aravan

I play the role of Vana Pechi in Aravan. I have not acted as Vana Pechi but have lived her role. And Vasantha Balan sir has brought in the transformation in me from molding the way I talk to my body language. I learnt from Vasantha Balan sir how to beautify my character. I have learnt many things from him and I am glad to have worked with him.

Archana Kavi

There are no combination shots between me and Archana. I know Archana is a talented artist who has done movies like Neela Thamara in Malayalam. I am also eager to watch her performance when the film releases.

Peranmai or Aravan- Which one was difficult?

In Peranmai we shot entirely in forest areas and it was very taxing for me as I had stunt sequences to do and there were also leeches and insects. Comparatively I did not struggle that hard for Aravan.

Vasantha Balan is a deep thinker

Vasantha Balan

Vasantha Balan is a deep thinker. His films have a very unique feel. He always says in his interviews that Aravan is the film that he has been searching all along. It is not an easy task to direct a period film as there is not much information available on this. Vasantha Balan has done an exhaustive research on the subject and I simply followed his instructions. I learnt 3 things from him – dedication, hard work and sincerity. I have never seen him take rest. He is such a passionate director and there is a respectable place waiting for him in the field of cinema.

What genre is Aravan?

You can call Aravan a commercial film as it has action, romance and sentiment. As this is a period film, there is a tendency to think that this could be a bit slow. But it is not as every shot would be fast paced. And you would realize that in the camera work of Siddharth. Make up consumed a long time as we had to draw tattoos, dull our body color and so on. If the shot was at 7 AM, we all reached the spot at 4 and would start getting ready. But before all of us, one man would sit at the top of the hill and wait and that was Vasantha Balan sir. I am sure Aravan would be etched in everyone’s memory for a long long time.

Music in Aravan

Karthik has scored the music for Aravan and there are 7 songs. He has done a superb job and you will endorse it when you listen to them. All the songs have come out very well. We don’t know what kind of music or musical instruments were used in that period. Karthik has also done research on this and we all have started calling him Kutty Rahman at the sets. Karthik is sure to go places post Aravan.

Karthik is sure to go places post


Amma creations Siva

Amma Creations Siva was the first one who was very happy when I was committed to this project. He feels that I resemble yesteryear actor Radha and the get up suited me well. He was very supportive and encouraging and I thank him for that. He took good care of all of us.

What made you accept Aravan?

I never asked for the story. When I was doing the photo shoot, Vasantha Balan had specified how it should be and I followed his instructions and he was impressed and he took me on board. That’s about it.


I can never forget Peranmai as it is my first film and I am indebted to Jananadhan sir for giving me the opportunity. Although I was a beginner and he was experienced, he used to teach everything very patiently. I was 17 when I did Peranmai and did not know anything about cinema. Jananadhan sir spotted me when I was visiting an exhibition along with my family and asked if I could do a role in Peranmai. I am glad that Jananadhan sir gave me clarity about my career and now cinema is everything for me. I am not sure to which point (in my career) I would travel but I would like to try various characters and satisfy audience. Jeyam Ravi was also a great support who with his experience used to give us all many tips. It was great working in Peranmai which was a hundred day film. All credit to Jananadhan sir.

Simran has been the trigger for

me to enter film industry

Inspiration to enter film industry

I am not from a film background but thanks to my family support that I have taken cinema as my career. I am always inspired by Simran’s dance moves and I can say Simran has been the trigger for me to enter film industry.

Favorite actors

Rajnikanth is my favorite actor. I simply love his style.

Favorite actress

Deepika Padukone and Simran. I like Shruthi Haasan for her dressing style.


I am addicted to browsing. I will always be reading about cinema, make up, dressing style and such things. You will always see me in front of the PC whenever I have free time.

Jeyam Ravi and Aadhi

There is not much of a difference between the two. Jeyam Ravi is an experienced artist with many films and years behind him and Aadhi is also fairly experienced. I think both of them have their individual styles and are doing quite well for themselves.

Shooting locales in Aravan

Songs have been shot in Hampi and talkie portion in Madurai. The shoot was going on when I joined the crew at Madurai. Aadhi inducted me with ‘Welcome to Aravan’ and I was happy with the reception. I was wearing footwear and assistant director asked me to remove it. I was shocked as it was blistering hot and no one was wearing a slipper either and they were all cool as though they were standing on icecap. When I wondered they said they are used to it. That’s when I realized the exact meaning of Aadhi’s welcome. Not a single day passed without shedding blood while shooting for Aravan. All of us have worked very hard for the film and the only thing I would ask you audience is to see the film in theatres. Cameraman Siddharth has researched in detail for the camera part and the movie can be enjoyed only when seen on big screen and the complete feel can be had only then.

Not a single day passed without

shedding blood

Any memorable incident

A song shot required me to dive from Aadhi’s shoulders into a pond that was not very deep but had many pebbles and sand. It also required me to get up immediately from water. I had many bruises and cuts and the shot took 4 -5 takes. This sequence was quite difficult and also unforgettable.

Cinematographer Siddharth

More than me saying about Siddharth, you need to see the film to understand his fabulous work. He has brought in many innovations. In fact Vasantha Balan often says that it was Siddharth who has worked on par with hm. Siddharth’s camera crew was very helpful and supportive. You will get the feel of the 18th century only when you Aravaan in theatres. Siddharth is a proven cinematographer.

Costume designer

I have to speak about costume designer for Aravaan as there is no costume designer (laughs). Only the assistant directors did the costuming like Rafiq, Ramesh, Nagaraj, Naresh who have done exhaustive research on the costumes of the yore and delivered right.

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