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Jeyam Ravi teams up with Prabhu Deva for the first time in Engeyum Kaadhal touted to be a breezy romantic film that is ready to hit the marquee soon. Waiting for the release of the film Ravi talks to Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar and Inian on Engeyum Kaadhal, its making, Hansika Motwani and also his married life and son Aarav. Over to Jeyam Ravi.

Engeyum Kaadhal is a ‘feel

better’ film

What is the story of EK like?

Engeyum Kaadhal, as the name indicates, is an out and out romantic film. There are generally ‘feel good’ films but I would say Engeyum Kaadhal is a ‘feel better’ film as it is such a beautiful script. Prabhu Deva had worked very hard on it for a long time and we all know his strain which is beyond everything. The words from one of the songs have been used as the title Engeyum Kaadhal and we have registered the same. I certainly believe that EK will be a ‘feel better’ film.

What is your role in EK?

I cannot reveal much about it right now. A rich eligible bachelor goes to Paris for a month on a holiday to enjoy life and what happens there is the film all about. My character in the film takes life very easily and does not worry about anything in life. He’s a lady’s man. Prabhu Deva has made me act very naturally. I am sure EK will click big time.

I am sure EK will click big time

Each moment with Prabhu Deva

was precious to me

Working with Prabhu Deva

Each moment with Prabhu Deva was precious to me. You can watch him perform the whole day as his every move will be smart and energetic. He has a distinct style and asked me to combine that with mine. I never felt like mixing as his style was very good. He is such a hard worker and I am sure his hard work will pay rich dividends. Besides that, there is an unwritten norm as how to treat an artist. Only a few directors know it and Prabhu Deva is one among them. He is aware that if you stress an artist, it is bound to reflect in their performance. Hence he would never flinch when there are retakes. With a smiling face, he would say, ‘let’s go for another take’. Even if he was tensed, he would never show it. I would like to thank him for this through this interview. He is one person who gives importance to every aspect. I watched Prabhu Deva not one day but for an entire month which was very useful to my career.

Hansika Motwani

Engeyum Kaadhal is Hansika Motwani’s first Tamil film. She is also acting with Vijay in Velayudham. Working with Hansika was like having loads of fun. It was like being in school or college. She is a fun loving girl, never gets tensed but creates tension for others. She is extremely jovial to talk to and to move with. We have had our little squabbles but have eventually become good friends. I would like to mention an incident involving Hansika. When we were shooting in Paris, I got the message about the birth of my son and had to immediately rush to India to visit my wife and baby. On that day, we shot till 5.30 in the morning and had just then wound up. We also had to complete a couple of shots which were planned for the evening. Prabhu Deva was ok with the idea to shoot immediately and to release me. However he was not sure about Hansika. All that I did was to call her and she at once came to the shooting spot without any sign of losing sleep. She extended her cooperation and we completed the shots. It was because of her support, I was able to come home and see my wife and child. I would like to thank Hansika also through this interview.

Other co stars

Most of my costars in EK are new to Tamil and are from Hindi. One face that is known to all of us is Raju master who has done a pivotal role in the film. The scenes that feature him are sure to bring the roof down. He has rendered a very natural performance. His scenes will be the most happening ones in the film as he has tried different levels of comedy.

Home work for EK

The character of EK itself is the rich look of the hero. Hence we had to work on the appearance segment. Nalini Sriram went abroad and bought all the branded costumes to render the right kind of look. Prabhu Deva and Nirav Shah helped in styling my hair basically to show difference in the looks. People who have seen the pictures have appreciated this. My main home work was to notice Prabhu Deva to understand his expectations. Hence I noticed his behavior and reactions and the result of which was the portrayal of my character in the film.

My main home work was to

notice Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva wanted a European


Where was the film shot?

The story of Engeyum Kaadhal is set in Paris, France. We have shot all over France and went to Athens, Greece for the songs. We were there in Santorini islands where the sunset is said to be the most breathtaking event. Hence all of us had completed the shoot and were waiting to witness the sunset eagerly. And it was such a wonderful thing and there are tourists from all over the world who come there to watch the picturesque sight. We were all very fortunate to witness this. We went to many places in France like Lyon, Cannes, Paris etc. I am very sure the film will come out with a new color. Hansika Motwani has acted beautifully and competently. I am saying this because Prabhu Deva wanted a European girl and Hansika fitted the role of European Indian girl perfectly.

On Harris Jeyaraj’s music in EK

Music is as important to a film as its script and is becoming a character by itself in films. Harris Jeyaraj always delivers hits. And this is my second film with him, first being Dhaam Dhoom. I thought Dhaam Dhoom was the best but Harris has given extraordinary music in EK which lends a very happy feeling to the listeners. It is difficult to give five variations to a film which is based on romance. The song Mangai will be equivalent to Michael Jackson’s beats and its picturization will also be special. The song that was shot in Greece would be liked by everyone. I just heard this number once and it was on my lips ever since although I am not good at singing. The title track Engeyum Kaadhal is already a hit. Each song of Harris is a gem.

Each song of Harris is a gem

Ameer will not be satisfied with

95% and expects only 100 %

On Adhi Bhagawan and Ameer

Adhi Bhagawan is the first film that I am working with Ameer sir. The desire to do this was there with both of us for a very long time. While he was busy with Yogi and I was involved in Santosh Subramanian and later Peranmai which took almost one and a half years. Hence the project was stalled for three years. The correct time to do the film has arrived now. We have completed two schedules at Bangkok. There will be something very special and different in Aadhi Bhagawan and it is going to be an important film for me. It belongs to the serious genre and I have just followed Ameer’s instructions. He has a keen eye for details. He will sculpt every single action and remove the unwanted matter just like an editor. Ameer will not be satisfied with 95% and expects only 100 % and could perceive even the slightest difference. It is such a learning process for me and everyday I continue to learn something from him. I say this is going to be an important film because I have never done such a character in my career. The premise of Adhi Bhagawan will be new to Tamil cinema and a genre that has been attempted by Ameer himself for the first time. Hence when all these factors combine, it is bound to be a significant film. Added to these, we have such wonderful technicians working in this film- Thamizh handling camera, Yuvan handling music and Neetu Chandra as heroine. They are all established workers in their respective departments. And hence I am sure Adhi Bhagawan is going to rock.

What happened to Kannabiran?

Kannabiran is the first script that was narrated to me by Ameer. It was such a powerful and appealing script. And Ameer expected a mature look for the film and hence asked me to come back after I become a dad. Secondly as we wanted to try a different film, we began Adhi Bhagawan. It is important that we do the right script at the right time. Adhi Bhagawan is the right script at the apt time. Kannabiran later.

How is your son Aarav?

Aarav is good and is growing up fast. I was not there at home for a long time and was shooting at Thailand. When I came back, I found many changes in him. I sport different get ups each day and still he is able to recognize me. I am happy about it. I am not sure, if he likes my voice or not but he has not forgotten me. Every second with him is very precious for me.

What kind of support your wife gives for your career?

My family has always been encouraging and supporting in my career. My wife is also rendering the same support to me. It is a common knowledge that if a husband is away for 40 days, he is bound to be at the receiving end from his wife. I am no exception. My wife will not yell at me when I am working but will do that when I am back. It is very important to have a family support to concentrate and focus on your career without thinking about anything else. Fortunately I have my wife’s complete support and I thank her for this.

I have my wife’s complete


What has marriage and fatherhood taught you?

Everything in life! I think these two words make you very responsible in the whole world and it has done the same thing to me. It has happened to my dad and my brother and now to me. I had only seen a happy carefree life and have never viewed it from a responsible angle. But now I am seeing it that way. Although it is difficult, I am also happy that I can achieve in this quarter also. I have got a new perspective. I have taken this in my positive stride and working hard to bring up my home and family.

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