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The winners of Kanden Kadhalai contest had a special screening of the film at the AVM Preview Theatre, Chennai on the 1st November 2009 which was followed by an interactive session with Moser Baer’s Dhananjayan, director Kannan, hero Bharath and heroine Tamannah. Excerpts from the session.

BW Visitors:
What kind of films do you like to produce?

Dhananjayan: Our films will always be family entertainers as I have two daughters and the films that I make should be suitable for their viewing too. Hence I am careful about the subject. I don’t want vulgar dialogues or double entendres in our films.

Normally censor board officials are afraid of Santhanam because he has the reputation of mouthing double meaning dialogues. But in Kanden Kadhalai, there is no such complaint about him and there is only in one occasion where a dialogue was muted by the censor. We aim our films to reach all types of audience. When Bharath and I went to see the film in

different theatres, it was good to watch families coming to see the film. I would be happy if people like you support this film by spreading the good word around and make the audience come to the theatres. It is this support and encouragement which would make film makers churn out good films. There is a general belief that action movies are successful and all the heroes opt to work in such films. So the success of family films like Kanden Kadhalai will motivate producers to deliver such films.

" Censor board officials

are afraid of

Santhanam "

Can you sing a song from the film?

Bharath sings – suthuthu suthudhu

" Tamannah’s

expressions are fine "

Can you sing a few lines?

Tamannah sings - ododiporen

Which is your favorite scene in the film?

Director Kannan: My favorite one is the lake scene where the visual and costumes are good. Tamannah’s expressions are fine in the scene.

Were you prepared for criticisms arising out of comparison with the original?

Bharath: We were prepared for critical feedback. But the audience have responded differently and felt it was more like an original script. We are happy.

Dhananjayan: As you see the film, initially you would feel that we are following the original in every way. The lead pair also must have drawn some inspiration from Shahid and Kareena. However, very slowly Bharath and Tamannah have gotten into skin of the characters and their unique transformation came to the fore. Just like Shahid and Kareena, Bharath and Tamannah also looks every bit a rich pair.

" Bharath and Tamannah

look every bit a rich pair "

Did Imtiaz ali, the director of Jab We Met see Kanden Kadhalai?

Dhananjayan: I was apprehensive to show the film to Imtiaz Ali and was not sure about his feedback. But he called me and said he would be watching KK along with the entire crew of Jab We Met in Bombay Talkies and give his feedback. To us, Imtiaz Ali’s interest in our film is something big.

How do you view Kanden Kadhalai?

Dhananjayan: Jab we met is one film which was telecast in all the channels so many times. It would be great if it happens to Kanden Kadhalai, as it is a ‘feel good’ love story with good amount of entertainment quotients. It is important that people should welcome such films.

Did you find the role of Shakthi challenging?

Bharath: My biggest challenge was to carry the character well. I had to portray an attitude of ‘born with a silver spoon’. It was not difficult for me to play a role that requires me to be mute. In my earlier film Pattiyal, I was a speech-disabled person and had essayed the role with a lot of emotions. That’s not an issue for me but to demonstrate finer feelings in a subtle way was a tightrope walking for me because a bit of this side or that side would completely misfire and the audience may feel I am overacting.

What was the feedback of your family and friends?

Tamannah: When I showed the film to my family and friends in Mumbai, they loved the way Bharath did his action scenes. They felt it was very stylish. They were so taken aback that somebody could fight so stylishly. Of course, in the original, this was not there.

What was the most challenging factor to you?

" Kannan and Dhananjayan’s

positivity has brought us

to this level "

To do a film like this, especially for an actress who is not fluent in Tamil, is a bit difficult. Of course, I am learning Tamil now and can speak a little. Kannan sir supported me right through. There were times when I totally forgot my lines and would go blank. But he was so calm. This is one reason why Kanden Kaadhalai looks so good. He supported me right from the day one. Kannan and Dhananjayan’s positivity has brought us to this level. And as regards my co-star Bharath, we had a good time and really enjoyed doing this film.

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