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Krishna who appeared in Ali Baba is all set for his next film Kazhugu. He talks to behindwoods about the film and its making.

Why did you accept Kazhugu?

It was right after I finished Ali Baba that the script of Kazhugu came to me. I felt it was very unusual and different from what usually movies portray. It is about a man who retrieves the body of people who commit suicides and I felt it was interesting.

Home work for Kazhugu

We found a person who is in this line of work and made him travel with us for a few months. I observed him closely and adapted his mannerisms. He’s in his 40s, so I have to tweak a few of his mannerisms to suit the age of my character and did so. And director Sathyasiva was also of huge help since he is basically from the place where the story happens.

Did you travel to the place where suicides normally happen?

We did not shoot in that particular place but we found a suitable location for shoots. The original location is very deep and very difficult to conduct shoots. Because there would be bodies and remnants of dead bodies scattered all over the rocks, we were told. So the retrievers also drink before they go down and it takes days to come up with the retrieved body. Suicide point is located in Kodaikanal whereas we shot in Munnar.

Did you take special training?

We did not take any special training although it was tough during descends in the mountains. Karunas, Thambi Ramiah and I held our hands while descending in the gorge. It was very slippery and even the weather wasn’t in our side. It changed every now and then. There were also leeches but we overcame all that.

Did you use body double?

No I did not use a body double. According to me, if you can’t do it yourself that scene should not be in the movie at all. Even Karunas and Thambi Ramiah also had to do slightly risky scenes. We all did it ourselves and finished the shooting successfully.

Is Kazhugu inspired from Vijay TV program?

No. This story was conceived in 2008 and all those TV programs were launched only after that. It’s not inspired from any TV programs.

Kazhugu is not inspired from any

TV show

What are you trying to convey through Kazhugu?

Not every film has to have a message. There are no messages in this film too. But we have made sure to highlight the horrible aftereffects of suicide and the pain it causes to the loved ones. That thread will run throughout the movie.

Is Kazhugu a serious film?

This is a humorous film but deals with the life of people who retrieve bodies of people who have committed suicide. For instance, folks who work in mortuaries do not cry. They go about with their lives. Same way, the film focuses on their outlook on life’s various aspects like love and friendship.

Three generations in Kazhugu

Yeah, there are three generations featured in the movie. There is a brilliant song, composed by Yuvan that delves into the time of three generations. It also humorously touches upon the issue of suicide and how it has drastically reduced in the current generation.

Challenging scene in Kazhugu

There were a few challenging scenes in Kazhugu. I wanted to do them myself and director was very confident that I could do it. However, I was very apprehensive and lost my sleep the previous night thinking about it. Thankfully I could pull those scenes off without much difficulty and you will see it when you watch the movie.

Co-artists in Kazhugu

Bindu Madhavi is the heroine of this film and she has done a very good job. And then there is Thambi Ramiah, the national award winner. I took lots of inputs from him for my role. You can learn a lot just by watching Thambi Ramiah and Karunas perform. They have both done comic roles as well as character roles, which is a rare combination to come by. Then there is Jayaprakash and Sujibala. All of them are brilliant actors and because of all of them the movie has come out so well.

There are four heroes in the film!

Songs in Kazhugu

There are four songs in the movie. There’s the Aathadi Manasudhan song that is composed by Yuvan and sung by Karthik Raja. There is extensive use of violin in that song and it’s a beautiful song. Then the Paathagathi song, sung by Yuvan has guitar influence. The Vaadi Vaadi song by Pushpavanam Kuppusamy is also one of the highlights of the music. There are four heroes in the film: music, story, screenplay and camera.

Camera man Sathya

The first reaction of people whoever watched the movie is praise for the visuals. I thank Sathya for that. He’s done a beautiful job.

Kazhugu took a long time. Why?

I came to films with Mani sir’s Anjali. After that I did a movie called Terrorist by Santhosh Sivan. But 2008 is when I got into mainstream cinema with Alibaba. Katradu Kalavu and Kazhugu followed. It’s easy to do six films in a year. But I want interesting scripts and a passionate director who believes in me. Only then the results will be optimal. I think I have that result in all my movies. I have also listened to four scripts in the past one year and I would at least work in two scripts out of them.

How do you choose your films?

I listen to the scripts myself. I believe everything is a gamble and things will work out if they have to. I need to create an impression among fans that my movies will be worth looking forward to. I hope my fans like Kazhugu and my work.

Where do you stand among today’s heroes?

I do not believe in such benchmarking. I know most of the heroes in my age group; many of them are my friends. I want everyone to be successful with their movies.

Why are you yet to appear in your brother Vishnuvardhan’s film?

It just did not happen. There is no particular reason for that. He’s doing a film with Ajith and we are planning for a film together after that. Let’s hope it works out.

I am hoping to work with


I was very happy to hear the

news about my villain role in

Ajith’s movie

Are you the villain in Ajith’s film?

I was very happy to hear the news about my villain role in Ajith’s movie. It would be an honor but sadly, it’s not true. If I get an opportunity I will definitely do it. Not only in an Ajith movie but in any movie. I would like to do a challenging role like that.

When is Kazhugu getting released?

We are planning for a release soon in February. But if that doesn’t happen, I will let you all know when it’s releasing.
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