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Lekha Washington’s interests are varied. Having started her career as VJ with S S Music, she made her Kollywood entry through Jeyamkondan. Armed with a Masters degree in direction from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Lekha is a trained sculptor too. Her second Tamil film Va-quarter cutting has just been released and here is Lekha in a jubilant mood sharing her thoughts on the film and her career with Senior Editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar.

How do you feel about the way your film career is shaping up?

I am super excited because my Tamil film Va-Quarter Cutting has just been released and my Kannada film Huduga Hudugi will also hit the screens soon. And I am currently shooting for the Hindi film Power where I play the daughter of Amitabh Bachchan and the romantic interest of Ajay Devgn. I am really happy about my career right now.

Va-Quarter Cutting experience

The crew of Va-QC is the best that I have worked with, in my career. I have known Pushkar and Gayatri for more than 8 years before I started work in this film. I have always asked them to give me a perfect role. Of course, they had to find me a role of a suicidal school girl who has failed thrice in 12th standard! I think that’s their idea of a perfect role!

The crew of Va-QC is the best

Nirav is simply awesome

Besides that, there is Nirav Shah who has handled camera and as everyone knows he is a Master in his craft. Even in the middle of the night he used to crack jokes and kept the spirits on top. As you all know, the film was shot from evening 6 to morning 6 and even when most of us were half dozed, he was one person who was very active in the sets. Nirav is simply awesome. G V Prakash’s music for the film is already a hit and he has given me my first solo song.

Shiva is an idiot. In the film, I have my combination scenes with Shiva and Charan who are practically mental. At 2 in the night, they would sing not the popular peppy numbers but old pathos songs in antakshari and drive everyone crazy.
Overall I feel very happy and proud to have worked with this team. That’s the reason I accepted this project as I knew this team would be absolutely kickass. More than this, there is Sashikanth who backed the film as producer and like his production company ‘y not’, he decided why don’t we do something different.

This team would be absolutely


Why a long gap after Jeyamkondan?

I don’t think I have taken a big gap after Jeyamkondan as right after Jeyamkondan was IPL and I shifted to Mumbai. I did Peter Gaya Kaam Sey in Hindi and I started a film called Power. In between all this, I did Vedam in Telugu and Huduga Hudugi in Kannada. It is not like I have been jobless or anything like that. It is only in Tamil it seems like I have taken a gap. Another thing why I shifted out of Chennai is that I did not want to continue doing the same kind of roles like Jeyamkondan. I was looking for something different which I got.

When is Peter Gaya Kaam Sey releasing?

I don’t know when it would be released although it was fun shooting for the film. The film had a very strong female centric role for me with action and romance.

I am the romantic interest of

Ajay Devgn

Your role in Power

I play a doctor in Power and am the daughter of Amitabh Bachchan. And I am the romantic interest of Ajay Devgn. My character is very strong; free thinking, independent and beautiful. I am looking forward to working in this film. I also have a confrontation sequence with Anil Kapoor.

The IPL experience

Hosting the IPL was crazy which went for two months. I used to travel extensively and was in two different cities on the same day itself. And I was also working with the best, the best in the cricketing field and the best in the entertainment field. It took my career to a new level as my work was on a national level. I loved it. It helped me get to Mumbai which is what I wanted.

Sculptor side of your personality

I started off as a sculptor even before I started acting. I have done direction course in National Institute of Design. My interests have been varied. When I was 18 years old, I held my first sculpting exhibition and I am hoping to have my second sculpting exhibition in January 2011.

I am much more awkward off


You have varied interests and pursuits. Which among them is dear to you?

Clearly, right now, I am quite interested in acting. Otherwise I would not be persuading it with as much single minded focus. I love being in front of the camera. This is my comfort zone. I am much more awkward off camera.

Any new Tamil film that you have signed?

I can’t tell you. My lips are sealed. I will tell you when it starts as I am kind of superstitious on these things.

Favorite heroes in Tamil to work with

I don’t have any such favorites and would like to work with everyone. Suriya and Arya would be extra special to work with. All of them are wonderful people to work with.

Suriya and Arya would be extra


Latest Tamil film you watched

Shiva made me watch Tamizh Padam and I loved it. I hope Va-QC also receives the same kind of response.

Any interesting incident related to Shiva

It was a different experience every night while shooting for Va-QC. There is a car chasing sequence in the film where there are dividers in the road in which Shiva had to crash. In the film, it may not look very dramatic. But while we were shooting, the glass broke and it fell on my seat. I don’t remember much as my eyes were tightly closed. The entire unit was like a family and working with Shiva was much relaxed.

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