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Pranitha who made her Kollywood debut with Udhayan is doing her second film Saguni with Karthi. In an exclusive interview to, she talks about the film and her other interests.

How did your film entry happen?

I was studying and that’s when offers started coming my way. One offer was to star opposite Dharshan in a Kannada film, which was the remake of Pokkiri. I thought it was a good opportunity and I picked it up.

About your role in Saguni

In Saguni I play the role of a very sweet and innocent girl. She’s a college going girl, who is your girl next door type girl.

How was it to work with Karthi?

It was wonderful working with Karthi. Although he’s a well established actor, he has no bones about it. He’s very humble and it was fun working with him.

It was wonderful working with


How was your experience working for Saguni?

In this movie, apart from Karthi I also worked with Santhanam. His comic timing is amazing and the whole set will be in splits when he’s around.

How did you get to work in Saguni?

The makers saw my earlier movies and called me. I heard the script, liked it and signed to work in the movie.

Saguni is a political thriller

Tell us more about Saguni?

This is a political thriller. So obviously people would be expecting something along those lines. But my role is not just an eye candy. It has scope to perform. Although it’s a very small role, it’s a very memorable one.

Tell us about the director

Shankar Dhayal has earlier assisted many big directors in the past. He’s a very composed man and it was wonderful working with him.

Were there any interesting incidents on the sets of Saguni that you would like to share with us?

The entire experience was amazing. I can’t pick one particular incident; everyday was a pleasure to work.

About dance and choreography

Raju Sundaram choreographed for two songs in the movie. He’s an experienced person and helped me a lot. It was great working with him.

Where were the songs shot?

We shot two songs in Poland and it was extremely cold. While everybody was wearing cold gear, I was made to wear skimpy heroine’s clothes. But it was totally nice and we enjoyed the shooting.

I was made to wear skimpy


When do you plan to dub in Tamil?

I am yet to learn Tamil. Although I can get by I need to fix my accent. Definitely sometime in the near future, I will dub for myself.

Tell us about your future projects

Lots of offers are coming my way but am waiting for Saguni to release.

Which language are you comfortable in?

I am equally comfortable in all languages. Of course, I speak Kannada very well because that’s my mother tongue. I can talk in Tamil and Telugu so I am comfortable with any language. Since I am not familiar with Tamil, everybody in the Saguni team helped me a lot.

I am willing to play good roles

What kind of characters are you looking forward to work in?

In Bava I played a village girl and in Saguni I am playing a college going girl. I do not restrict myself in any such roles. I am willing to play good roles.

Tell us about the other characters in Saguni

In Saguni, there are veteran actors playing supporting characters. Roja’s character is a wonderful one. She also helped me a lot to improve upon my acting.

Tell us about your co-stars

All my co-stars have been good people. Be it Siddharth in my Telugu film or Darshan or Karthi, everyone was wonderful.

Have you seen any Tamil films?

I watch a lot of them. I have seen Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and Nanban recently both of which were very nice.

Who is your favorite actor?

I like everyone but my favorite is Rajini. I have seen all his movies.

My favorite is Rajini

Who is your role model?

It has to be Soundarya who had done Kannada and Telugu movies. I look up to her. She’s earned a great repute even with simple costumes. I love her acting a lot.

Were there any difficulties in the role?

There was none. The team was always there to help me out so I didn’t find it difficult.

Are there any dream roles?

Yeah I would like to do a mythological character. I like the costumes and graphics in movies like Arundati and Magadheera. I like to do such roles.

Do you like to do heroine oriented roles?

Yeah that would be a huge responsibility. I would love to do it. Since I’m in the beginning of my career I would like to do bubbly characters now.

Tell us more about Saguni

Saguni is a whole package. Although it’s a political thriller, it has everything from sentiment to comedy to romance in it. I hope all of you watch and enjoy it.
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