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Interviewer : Hemananth | Camera : P. Ganesh Babu | Text : Jyothsna Bhavanishankar
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Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam is out and has been receiving good reviews. Hero Raghava Lawrence has established himself in different fields from dance choreography to acting to directing to philanthropy. In Simbu Devan’s IKMS, he has donned the role of a stylish cowboy. Meet Raghava Lawrence in a candid chat with
Tell us something about Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam (IKMS)

You should see IKMS for a different experience. You would feel as though you have visited a different world for three hours.
About director Simbu Devan

Simbu Devan, who had directed Imsai Arasan, is the director of IKMS and this film will be more hilarious, will have more action and more style. I had rigorous practice sessions in horse riding and shooting and when I saw the film, I was not able to believe that I had done all these things. And the credit should go to Simbu Devan. IKMS is a new mix of adventure, comedy and commercial ingredients put together. Simbu Devan has worked very hard for this film. You will realize this when you see the film.

IKMS is a new mix of

adventure, comedy and

commercial ingredients put


About costumes

Each one of us had different and unique get-up and they all are comical and it was a new experience.

Three heroines

The three heroines Padma Priya, Lakshmi Rai and Sandhya have each one song in the film. The melody number is for Padma Priya, a commercial peppy one for Lakshmi Rai and a classical track for Sandhya. You may wonder what kind of classical number a cowboy theme can have. But you should watch the film to understand this.

IKMS is going to take Tamil

cinema to the next level

On producer’s role

IKMS is a mammoth project filmed under a huge budget. One can convince a producer with normal stories but when it is a cowboy theme, it is difficult as it will have more silent shots. This film can be produced only by people who truly love cinema. Kalpathi Agoram’s sir’s faith in the subject is the reason for this film to have shaped up very well. I saw IKMS and am very sure it would be a grand success, thanks to Agoram sir’s confidence and Simbu Devan’s untiring effort. IKMS is going to take Tamil cinema to the next level.

About style

Style is very important to this film. You may have seen that I have always attempted a few stylized movements here and there in my previous films. However, the director wanted an over dose of everything for this film. He had expectations on how the gun should be handled to how it has to be fired at. I had hurt myself in many occasions. I had broken many guns during practice sessions. I think the expense on ‘broken

My style would be new in IKMS

guns’ would top the list for the production side. I needed to spin the guns, put them in my pocket, take out and shoot in style. It was very difficult during practice sessions but when I saw it on screen, it was very good. My style would be new in IKMS.

What did you learn for IKMS?

Horse driving, handling cards and gun shooting. I think I can use these techniques and style in other films too.

There is no inspiration for me

Who is your inspiration?

There is no inspiration for me for this film. Director Simbu Devan is my sole inspiration for IKMS. The entire premise is new and characterization cannot be evolved or improvised over an existing one because we did not have any models before us. We had to think and devise new ideas.

Role of assistant directors?

Assistant directors and co-directors toiled very hard in IKMS. Although all the costumes were cowboy ones with leather dresses and hats, each artiste’s dress was unique and different from one another. I am not the hero of IKMS but director Simbu Devan, producer Kalpathi Agoram sir, art director Muthuraj, cinematographer Azhagappan, and costumer Sai are the real heroes. They all have worked very hard and shaped this film into a beautiful one.

I am not the hero of IKMS

Did anyone give you any acting tips?

Sai Kumar speaks his dialogues very well with the right kind of modulations and I learnt this skill from him. Nasser sir and Manorama Aachi also gave useful tips. All of us worked in sync with each other and were very happy to do so.

Any difficult part?

The aches and pains were only for the body. We all tried our leather costumes and did the photo shoot in A/C room and felt cool about it. But when it came to shooting spot during hot summer in April, it was very difficult. Nevertheless, we were happy making fun of each other’s costumes. The only people who were tensed were the director and the assistant directors. All of us were very happy which could be perceivable in the film.

About the new language?

MS Bhaskar has formulated a new language in the film which would be spoken by the Red Indian tribe in the film. The idea was that of director’s but Bhaskar improvised it to such an extent that Senthil and Sandhya who had to speak this tongue, will clarify their doubts about it with Bhaskar as though he had created it. It was very funny indeed! You see the film and you would realize how hilarious it is.

Did you take permission to shoot with animals?

We have followed all rules related to using animals and we have not abused them. We had got the necessary permission and learnt what not to do with them.


Palakkad, Ambasamudarm, Chennai etc.

Can we go complain to FEFSI?

Did you have any disturbances while shooting with horses?

Of course, disturbances only made the film. When we had set the frame for five horses, one would turn its face the other side, one would be angry and move to a different side, another one will come very fast and trip the camera. What can we do about these things? Can we go complain to FEFSI? Nothing can be done. Vyapauri had a tough time with his horse and it was difficult making him ride on it. He and the horse would appear like a hero and villain and their glares at each other also will appear like that.

Are three heroines necessary for the film?

Yes, very definitely especially for this film because the story is navigating on three directions.

What is your next project?

Muni, part 2. Children have started calling me as Muni uncle. My daughter is also asking me to do such a film. Script is ready and it is named Kanchana. I am searching for a new heroine. I have corrected the mistakes of Muni in Kanchana. It will be enjoyable for children and songs and the entire content will be better.
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