Interviewer: Inian | Camera: Hemananth | Text: Prathap

Why a Hindi movie to debut?

Shurti Haasan: I have been asked this question numerous times. It’s not really about the language, just that I came across a good script and agreed to be a part of it. My decision was based on the script. I am proud to be a part of the family called Indian cinema, be it Bollywood or Kollywood.

What do you have to say about your both projects being released on the same year?

I have been fortunate and God has been kind enough to me. I’m very excited about both the projects and I hope it’s a good year.

What’s your dad’s role in your entry into films?

Dad has been very supportive. He doesn’t really take any decisions for me, but whenever I turn around he’s there to provide moral support. So I think I’m a very blessed daughter that way.

How about a Tamil movie?

Of course. I am a Tamil girl, a Chennaite. I haven’t stumbled upon a good script yet, which makes me sad. But I want to do a Tamil film soon.

How was it working with your father?

First, as a daughter, I felt proud working with my father. He is very talented and offers suggestions and inputs when it comes to work. And as an audience and a fan of his works, I’m thankful for having had an opportunity to work with him so early in my career. He’s had faith in newcomers throughout his career which is really a blessing to us newcomers.

Has he sung in your composition?

Yup, I have and you are going to listen to it soon.

How has your American education helped you?

That’s a very abstract concept and it’s very difficult to explain. I learnt film scoring, performance, music business, album recording, Hindustani classical while I was in the US. So I can’t really say where I applied what I have learnt. Music is a very vast area and you can use your ideas anywhere you like.

Any inspirations to do the stunts part in Luck?

No inspiration, as such. I’m an adventure seeker, go-getter. So when I knew there were stunt scenes in Luck, I was ready to do it. If you ask me, I was my only inspiration.

What happened to the MJ memorial concert?

I was supposed to do it. But unfortunately since the dates clashed with my other commitments, I couldn’t do it.

Any dream role?

I don’t believe in that concept. What is dream role today is might just be normal tomorrow. I feel whatever character calls out to me, whatever inspires me, I will do that film.

Any comments about the glamour quotient in cinema?

I think packaging and marketing are important for a film. If you have a weak script, no matter how hard you try to market it, the movie won’t stand. I definitely feel glamour is an intricate part of the industry.

What is Luck all about?

Luck is basically about these people who think they have all the luck in life. This is a sort of game show, but only that lives of the characters are being betted here. It’s actually a dark idea and that’s what interested me the most in the script.

Tell us something about your first hero Imran.

I know Imran for more than 10 years. He’s a family friend. But in the set all it matters is the character he plays and off camera it was nice working together with a friend whom I have known for years.

What’s next?

Get me some good scripts. I will definitely do a project.

Your primary goal in cinema?

To improve myself and enhance my performance. That’s my goal right now.

How was it working with Soham Shah?

I think it’s nice to work with him since a director who risks with a newcomer will definitely risk with his movie. Luck has a very good combination of actors ranging from Sanjay Dutt to Imran to me. This is why I chose Luck.

Any advises from dad?

Dad usually doesn’t advice. All he says is go figure it out yourself. But he did tell me that I have to treat cinema as part of my family and to be dedicated in whatever I did.


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