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STR is basking in the success of Vaanam and he spoke to us sharing us his thoughts on the film, Ajith and his projects

What is the reason behind the success of Vaanam?

Fans are the main reason for the success of Vaanam. You (fans) are the reason for the film to enjoy such a reach without any publicity or promotion and I am thankful to you.

What made you do Vaanam?

Cable Raja, the character in the film is the main reason for me to do Vaanam. I was confident that after VTV, this character would definitely take me to a next level as it had many shades of human emotions. And I am thankful to all who had proved my confidence right.

We all have that ‘local’ in us

How were you able to bring about the class and mass from Cable Raja?

We all have that ‘local’ in us how much ever we try to cover it with ‘class’ accessories. Hence it was easy for me to portray both shades. And in the film the two different characterizations have come out well.

On VTV Ganesh

Ganesh acts only in my films. He is not sure if he can do well in other’s films. And he feels comfortable to star in my films. I would like to encourage and support people who I have introduced.

Ganesh acts only in my films

Difference between Vedham and Vaanam

Commercial elements were less in Vedham but we wanted to correct that in Vaanam and held talks to this effect. That’s how the song between me and Anushka was brought in. We did not want to miss out on the commercial aspects.

Something was stopping me from

doing that scene

Difficult scene

The scene where I snatched the money from Saranya was the most difficult one and I was not able to do that and was taking more than 2 takes. I told Krish that something is stopping me from doing that scene. Krish explained that I am viewing the scene as Simbu and should see it from the perspective of Cable Raja who wants the money for a purpose. After this, I was able to carry out the scene.

Do you feel bad that you did not do Ko?

There is no necessity for me to compare two films. As far as I am concerned, more than me not doing Ko, I am happy that I did Vaanam. It is not my thought whether Ko does well or not. Of course, I am happy that Ko is doing well. I am concerned about whether my decision of doing Vaanam after VTV would pay off or not. That’s what I am worried and now I am happy that my choice was right.

Increasing women fan base

Yes, my women fan base has increased and I also realize that especially after VTV and I don’t work for this deliberately. But having said that, I take this aspect also into consideration while choosing my role. It is heartening to hear that girls like my role as Cable Raja too. I would like to select roles that would be appreciated by everyone.

My women fan base has


Are you pressured by the consecutive success?

Normally after a well appreciated film, there would come a couple of commercial films. However after VTV, Vaanam has turned out to be a different one in my career. Now I am anxious about how I am going to deliver different films and reach them to the audience. I took much precaution while doing Vaanam and would be even more careful in selecting my roles in the future.


If right stars are in the right film, it would work out and appeal. Vaanam worked because of the script and everybody had good scope.

Poda Podee?

Poda Podee will be a classy and a stylized flick on the lines of a Hindi film. Such kinds are a rarity in Tamil. Poda Podee will be a romantic comedy like Kushi. In VTV, there was sorrow at the end when Karthik and Jessy don’t unite. But Poda Podee will not be like that and would be an enjoyable flick.

Poda Podee will be a romantic

comedy like Kushi

Vettai Mannan

Although Vettai Mannan is a gangster action film, it would be an entertainer. Ladies also would like this film. In my career so far, Vettai Mannan would be the highest budgeted film because the story is like that. We have to shoot in foreign locations; there are three heroines and Jai plays an important role in the film. Definitely Vettai Mannan would stand out different in the stylish action genres.

On Ajith disbanding his fan clubs

I also heard. There were many messages and phone calls. I would check with Ajith sir before commenting.


Yes, I am doing the Tamil remake of Dabangg which will be directed by Dharani with music by Thaman. Generally cops are portrayed as very rough. But the cop in Dabangg was someone very natural and casual and I felt that role would suit me well. We had already seen how Dharani sir changed Okkadu to Tamil Ghilli perfectly. We will start shooting from next month.

What did the success of Vaanam teach you?

I learnt that good films always command respect. I owe the success to God because I just believed in him and he did not let me down.

Encouraging new directors

I want to encourage new talents also. If you see, the number of established stars working with new directors has come down. I want to encourage youngsters and fresh talents. Now I will be working with Dharani sir and would again work with newcomers and would alternate my work that way.

A word to the audience

Today the pressures in releasing a film are high. Vigorous promotions and publicity are needed to project the film. It was very difficult to cross all these barriers to bring out the film. I was able to do this but it is not feasible for many producers. My request to the audience is that they should encourage good films and support them.
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