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C.S. Amudhan took the industry by surprise with his spoof Tamizh Padam that took a humorous look at all the clichés and scenes that Tamil films are famous for. He is now on the verge of directing Nakka Mukka and we catch up with him.

How did Tamizh Padam start?

Tamizh Padam did not start like a serious film project. My friends and I were running an ad agency and we would have a laugh talking about films among friends. It was a rather impromptu beginning and I started writing the script when I was free. When it looked like it was turning up well, I got serious about it. I met Sasi and we decided why not and the first producer we met was Durai Dhayanidhi. I don’t know if any other producer would have understood the concept if we had gone to them especially since it was a full-length spoof. He is a youngster and was looking for something new. The timing was right. I narrated the story and he said he would get back to me. He checked and I feel he would not have got a confident reply but yet he was strong and said that he would at least do the release. It was his confidence that brought us this far.

Tamizh Padam

did not start like

a serious film project.

Before we started the project, lot

of people spoke about it in

different ways without knowing

the content of the film

Threats from industry?

There were no threats. Before we started the project, lot of people spoke about it in different ways without knowing the content of the film. However, once the film was released, this disappeared. There may have been a bit of bitterness in some places.

What do you think of VA Quarter Cutting?

I saw Quarter Cutting and it’s a completely new genre and so there may be resistance from the audience. However, I liked the film and it’s the kind I would like to watch rather than a normal commercial masala film. It’s not my style but different.

The controversy involving you and Venkat Prabhu?

Not controversy just comedy. We decided to make it bigger on April 1. We both had pre-planned it and wanted to earn a cheap publicity out of it. Friends from both the sides started scolding the others and it went on a jolly note. It was fun.

What is the current trend in Tamil cinema?

There is no particular trend. On one hand, you have hyper realistic films like Mynaa, Vennilla Kabbadi Kuzhu, Paruthiveeran and commercial films like Singam. Good films on both sides have met with success. However, I feel that in the new realistic trend, film-makers must step out of the same subjects like love, friendship and violence and show new things.

Who is your favorite director?

My all time favorite director is Tarantino from Hollywood. Everyone likes him and he is a trend breaker. In an action film, he will suddenly bring in a long conversation. Just before a murder, a murderer will kneel down and pray. He does things which are different.

Who are the contemporary directors you like?

I like R. Sundarrajan Sir, Gangai Amaran Sir; I like the films of that period when music and comedy came together in the mid eighties.

Which is your favorite film?

The Film of the year-Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. I like the set design, DI coloring cinematography and I think it’s got clarity of vision. This was much better than Hollywood films.

Do you think a star is important for a film?

I don’t actually have that kind of priority, the script is first and I look at who will suit it.

Many directors are producing films, will you?

If I have that kind of money, yes. However, that kind of money has not come in yet.

Tell us about your next film?

The next script is with Vijay Antony, the music director as hero. I can’t say much about it now but tentatively it’s titled Nakka Mukka. Like how Tamizh Padam was a spoof this will be a new genre. I can’t say what it is but it will be something new for Tamil audiences but I can’t share much about it now.

How much was the collection of Tamizh Padam?

Actually I have a lot of doubts about the collection criteria employed. People say lot of different things but judging accurately how much money a film has actually made is difficult as there’s no proper system.

The next script

is with Vijay Antony,

Music Director as hero

Tell us about the songs

The song Oh Mahazia we decided would poke fun. If we told people it would be a spoof, they would imagine it the way it would be on talk shows or the way Sathyaraj did it in small durations. For those who came planning to see scenes from old films, we wanted to go beyond that. People would be waiting for the song to start, once they heard the Oh Mahazia, because lots of songs start that way and move in but the thing was that we did the whole song this way which was intended to shock them and it did.

How did you decide on Shiva?

Other than Shiva I could not think of anyone else in that role. When I discussed this with everyone else, they agreed. The heroine does what a heroine in a Tamil film does. Disha did not know Tamil initially but as she progressed she became better and performed well. I was fully satisfied with the hero, heroine, the friends and the entire cast.

What was the experience working with Vennira Aadai Murthy?

His acting was natural. He performed wonderfully well. Working with Shanmuga Sundaram was a learning experience, from the performance. Sometimes when you see in the theater, people would say we feel like hitting them on the head.

To some people life itself is


Do you agree with Mysskin getting angry with his assistant director for not reading?

Not fully. One does not really need to read to be an AD.

Is it important to be an assistant director or read to become a director?

I have never been an assistant. Reading books is very important. In one place we see many worlds and in every place the experience helps. It also helps to broaden the minds. However, it’s not a must. But it does not mean that reading is a must for a director. To some people life itself is education. Likewise, it’s not necessary for a director to assist someone first.

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