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Interviewer : Hemananth | Camera : P. Ganesh Babu | Text : Jyothsna Bhavanishankar
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Simbu Devan carved a unique niche for himself in Imsai Arasan and Arai En and he is back with the cowboy caper Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam. The movie is ready for release and he spoke to about it.
A brief introduction...

Hi, this is director Simbu Devan. My third film Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam will be releasing soon. I am meeting you all after Imsai Arasan and Arai En 301il Kadavul. I am sure this would be a totally different experience for all of you. After a long gap, you will be watching a full-length cowboy film. We have done an extensive research on this subject. I have structured the story to be in 18th century, which is based on the true cowboys in Italy, their life-style and settlements. IKMS will not only be a cowboy film but also a cowboy comedy film.

IKMS will not only be a

cowboy film but also a

cowboy comedy film

About the cast

There is perfect premise for the story line and artistes. In addition to Raghava Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Padma Priya and Sandhya, there is a lengthy list of star cast comprising of M S Bhaskar, Ilavarasu, Ramesh Kanna, Vyapuri, Mouli, Delhi Ganesh, Manorama and V S Raghavan. There is a story that justifies the star cast. In a colony of Red Indians, there is a different language is spoken which we have showcased in the film.

Experience shooting IKMS

Although there were difficulties filming this movie, it was a different experience for all of us. In the film, 85-90% is only set work. It was neither completely Indianized nor completely westernized but a blend of both.

Where have you shot?

The movie required a lot of travel and was shot in Palakkad, Ambasamudram, Pondycherry, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Pune etc. We had attempted and erected a huge Irumbu Kottai set in all these places. A 350-feet high statue was also erected. I want the audience to feel the different experience that we had felt while shooting this film. It would definitely be a family entertainer. Please do watch this film.

Cowboy culture always

appeals to everyone

About cowboy theme?

Cowboy culture has been there with us for quite some time. Although there are many cultures prevailing in the world, cowboy culture always appeals to everyone. We have many such films in the black and white era, some Telugu films and the Hindi film Sholay, which is a semi cowboy film. Although this theme has not been handled in films for a long time, the cowboy culture is not something new to people.

Why Raghava Lawrence?

The very mention of cowboy reminds us of style and Raghava Lawrence’s contribution is unusual and stylish with his dance choreographic background. His shooting scenes in the film may appear to be graphic-aided but it is not so. He throws the gun from right to left hand and then shoots. He has achieved this skill after months of rigorous practice. I chose Lawrence because I wanted someone from among us and at the same time should possess some style.

Is IKMS, a different genre from your previous films?

Although the premise is different, there would be humor in it. IKMS is an adventure comedy.

IKMS is an

adventure comedy.

Did you have risky action sequences in IKMS?

It is true that the premise of the story in IKMS took us in different directions. I am not able to say whether we had difficulty shooting the film because we were used to the situation and were quite happy. Perhaps we were suffering but did not have the maturity to feel it. As regards fight sequences, since it was stylish fights, we did not face big risks. However, the climax fight sequence, which was choreographed by stunt master Selva, has come out excellently.

Music and lyrics?

Music has been scored by G V Prakash and Vairamuthu has penned all the songs. It would be an unusual contribution as this is a cowboy film. G V Prakash has taken pains to score the cowboy theme music and war theme music. I am sure it would be an interesting experience.

About M S Bhaskar’s special language

There is a segment of Red Indians in this film. We felt that they should have an exclusive language. Hence I wrote some kind of language resembling Cantonese and Turkish in the script. But when I went to the shooting spot, M S Bhaskar, who features as the Red Indian Chief, improvised this language brilliantly. He is basically a dubbing artiste and his skills further strengthened the language. He has done an excellent job and I am sure this will be lapped up by the children in a great scale.

On the research for IKMS

When we decided to make cowboy the theme in IKMS, we met Karnan from the black and white films era who gave me many useful tips. He also felt that it is a huge thing that we are involved in making a comedy cowboy film and wished us. We were much energized by his feedback. We also referred to many books in library and took notes from the net. We researched on the origin of cowboys, their culture, and their spread across places and adapted these features to suit Indian, more so the Tamil culture. This cowboy is a never-before-seen in Indian screen and we have worked hard for this.

Costume designer?

Sai is the costume designer for IKMS. His work will be different. Each artiste has different dress, cap and a coat. You will sense a unique hue and Sai is responsible for it.

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