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Young and talented music director G V Prakash is on a roll delivering hit after hit in all his films. His recent score in Selva and Dhanush’s Mayakkam Enna has become a rage with the youth. Prakash discusses his career and love in an exclusive interview with behindwoods.com.

Mayakkam Enna album

Mayakkam Enna is a candid and youthful album. Oda oda track is about a youth troubled by love but with a comic and a cute tinge. The Adida song is the idea given by Dhanush where a lad having been let down by his girlfriend is comforted by his friend and this has worked big time with the youth. Naan sonnadhum mazhai vanducha is a nice and candid song. Pirai Thedum is musically inclined towards romance and Engengu Ponom is a devotional kind of track and the theme music is about the various moods of an individual, his highs and lows and his frustrations.

Specialty of Mayakkam Enna album

Specialty of Mayakkam Enna is its relatability. When you are feeling low and when you hear oda oda, you will feel better. And we have tried to give diverse moods in the tracks.


We wrote lyrics when we made the tunes. These days all the lyricists are busy. Selva was with us when we were making music and Dhanush used to visit us quite often. And they casually chipped in and gave out the verses very casually. We had done Aayirathil Oruvan in a serious vein and Mayakkam Enna music would be a festival for youth.

Mayakkam Enna music would

be a festival for youth

Future projects

Muppozhudum Un Karpanigal and Saguni. Then Vetri Maaran, Bharathi Raja sir and Bala sir’s projects. Director Vijay’s film and Vikram’s film and Maareechan. I am constantly working to give various genres to audience and in the process I am also evolving.

There is always a positive vibe

surrounding Bharathi Raja

Bharathi Raja

I have met him twice. For the first time, I met him in Producer’s Council where I was singing a song and he told me that he would definitely work with me. Later I got a call from his office and when I met him, he narrated the story which impressed me a lot. It was like a beautiful novel. Bharathi Raja sir is always like an energetic youth of today. There is always a positive vibe surrounding him.

How is it to work with someone who is much older than you?

Bharathi Raja sir is very friendly and he always gives us the space be it in the music department or personally. That is his specialty and I am very excited working with him.

What about your Hindi and Telugu projects?

I am doing Joker which is produced by Farah Khan and directed by my friend Shirish Kunder with Akshay Kumar as hero in which I have completed four songs. I am doing 2 films for Anurag Kashyap- background score in Gangs of Wasseypur and full songs and background score in Ugly.

In Telugu I am doing Endukante Premanta with Ram as the lead. I may also do a Telugu film with Vetri Maaran and Mahesh Babu.

When is your marriage?

We will get married at the end of next year as she is busy with her classical singing and I in my film career.

How did you meet your fiancée?

We are school mates and have been in love for more than nine years.

Who proposed?

It cannot be called a proposal. A situation was created, that’s about it. She is my best friend and is very supportive. We have no expectations from each other.

What was your parent’s reaction?

They are ok with it.

Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal

I am going to US for a song in MUK as I will be featuring in it and I am quite excited about it. We are going to Los Angeles to shoot this number.

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