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After an impressive Ninaithale Inikkum, director G N R Kumaravelan is all geared up with his next release Yuvan Yuvathi with Bharath and Rima Kallingal in lead. In an exclusive interview, Kumaravelan talks about his film and what it promises to be, with Senior editor Jyothsna Bhavanishankar.

How has Yuvan Yuvathi shaped up?

People who saw Yuvan Yuvathi appreciated it. Reliance is releasing the film and they are very happy with it. Producers who have funded the film are happy with YY and have thanked me. After this, it is up to the most important people, the audience, to see it and tell me how the film is. Yuvan Yuvathi is releasing on August 26th.

What is Yuvan Yuvathi all about?

YY is all about love, fun and family. For Bharath, after Kaadhal and Kandein Kaadhalai, YY is a total love story. Santhanam is responsible for the fun element and he has donned an important role in YY. Comedy will not be a separate track but will be in sync with the story. And then, there is Sampath who is not a villain but plays Bharath’s father role. After YY, Tamil cinema will have a young and good looking father in Sampath.

Comedy will not be a separate

track in YY

Rima’s character would appeal

to every one

Casting in YY

Bharath is the Yuvan in YY. He works in an IT firm and his colleague is Santhanam. Both of them hail from Usilampatti but Bharath does not want to reveal that he is from Usilampatti. But Santhanam would always tease Bharath on this issue. Sampath, father of Bharath does not take to city life easily and the conflicts between the father and son form the basic premise of YY. The love angle also forms an interesting aspect in YY and how Santhanam gets caught in this romance imbroglio will be told in an interesting manner in YY.

Heroine is Rima Kallingal who made her debut in Ritu in Malayalam and has worked in films like Happy Husbands. YY is the first film for Rima in Tamil. Rima’s character would appeal to every one and would stay with you even after you leave the theatre. YY revolves around 4 important characters of Bharath, Rima, Sampath and Santhanam.

Supporting cast

Mayilsamy, T P Gajendran and a few more senior artists are there. But I don’t want to give out their names to keep the suspense element intact.

Vijay Anthony’s music

After Ninaithale Inikkum, I have once again teamed up with Vijay Anthony who had given hit tracks like Azhagai Poothade, Sexy Lady, En peru Mullan and Banaras Pattu in the film. YY numbers are also topping the charts now. Although Vijay Anthony is known for his Kuthu Paattu, in YY, he has concentrated on melody. ‘Oh My Angel‘ has captivated the interests of music lovers.

Lyricists in YY

Annamalai who had given impressive lyrics in my last film NI, continues his good work in YY too. Priyan has penned the lyrics for one song. Kalaikumar has written the ‘mayakka oosi’ track. Lyricists are also majorly responsible for the songs to become hits.

Action in YY

Super Subbarayan is in charge of stunts. Although the film is a love story, there is a small portion that involves action. We have not given importance to action in YY. Action is an element in YY which Super Subbarayan has justified.

Action is just an element in YY

Where have you shot YY?

We have shot in Chennai, Pollachi and Seychelles. After a song sequence in the Hindi film Rangeela, YY is the only film that has been extensively shot in this picturesque island. 60% of the film was shot in Seychelles whose backdrop will be new. We have also shot in Malaysia.

Santhanam’s scenes will be the

highlight of YY

Highlight in YY

I have many favorite scenes in YY. Santhanam’s scenes will be the highlight of YY. Comedy will not be forced in the film and will gel perfectly well with the story. I am not saying that YY will be a totally different or a new story but it will be a different experience for the audience. It will be entertaining and there would not be any similarity with any other old film. YY would certainly bring forth laughter. In the second half, you would only hear laughter in the theatre.

Has Bharath justified his character in YY?

The script would certainly suit Bharath, a role that befits his age. Bharath has justified his character 100%.

Reason for choosing Bharath who has moderate star value

We did not keep the market value in mind when we were finalizing the cast. And I should thank my producer for this because they did not ask us to go for a big star. They just wanted an artist who is fairly known and of course Bharath is no way inferior to any one. He has given hits like Kaadhal, Veyil, Pazhani, Kandein Kaadhalai. Hits and flops are part of any artist’s career graph. Just because, his last 2 films did not do well, we cannot dismiss him as someone with no market value. Just one hit is suffice to catapult a star to phenomenal position and Yuvan Yuvathi can just be that one film for Bharath.

Bharath is no way inferior to any


Yuvan Yuvathi has come out in a

colorful manner, thanks to Gopi

Camera work in YY

Visuals have come out very rich in YY. I would like to thank my cameraman for this. I can say that we shot the film with just the thermocole in Seychelles especially the second half. We needed to transport things through ship which was very expensive. We did not want to take such risk and landed in the island very bravely, ready to face the challenge. I explained to Gopi that there was no track and trolley or Jimmy Jib and we had to shoot 3 songs and most of the film. Gopi gave me lots of confidence and cooperated with me 100%. The film has come out beautifully in a colorful manner and my thanks to Gopi for this.

What is your next project?

My next project is based on the result of YY. I have plans to rope in a big artist with a good script. At this juncture, I would like to mention S Ramakrishnan whose story I have made into YY. We decided to make YY as a light film. I will be working with S Ramakrishnan in my next film too and with a leading artist. Announcements pertaining to this will come soon. I believe that the success of YY will support my next project in a big way.

Will YY be like Ninaithale Inikkum?

I firmly believe that no two films of mine should bear similarity with each other. Even if I do limited number of films, each one should be different from one another and there should be variety in my work. Ninaithale Inikkum was a serious film and comedy was just 1% in it but in YY comedy will be more. Even if YY becomes a super hit, my next film will not be like YY and I will do a different genre.

My next film will not be like YY

Did celebrities from film industry see YY?

No, not yet, but we are planning to screen the film to celebrities just before the release.

My guru is Kamal sir

What did Kamal Hassan say about YY?

I met Kamal sir a couple of days back. As you are all aware, my dad G N Rangarajan has done around 9 films with Kamal sir, the popular ones being Kalyana Raman, Kadal Meengal, Meendum Kokila, to name a few. My guru is only Kamal sir as I am a student from Rajkamal films. I met him and showed him the trailer of YY. He appreciated it and said that the trailer triggers the interest to see the film. I would like to mention that just like the trailer, the film also will be interesting and will not disappoint the audience.

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