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Director Prabhu Solomon shares with us the experiences he had during the making of Myna. The film has intrigued many including Udayanidhi Stalin and Kamal Haasan. Prabhu Solomon, who has also produced this film under his home banner Shalom Studios, says…

About Mynaa

Mynaa is my dream of 17 years. My first film, Kannodu Kaanbadellam, was released in 1999. It took me 17 years to realize my dreams to create an ideal movie. I needed to do research before I started off with the movie. I wanted a village with a landscape that is never shown in Tamil cinema. In the process, I would have traveled for around 1200 kilometers in my vehicle scouting for that village. That’s when I stumbled upon this village nestled in the valley surrounded by mountains and lush vegetation up above Munnar. This place is in Tamil Nadu and I had to trek five hours to get to that village. There is no vehicular access to the village which is only reachable by trekking through the mountains. It felt like a dream land for me. I decided that my characters Suruli and Myna will grow up and fall in love in that place. It’s a simple love story as simple as love stories can get. But it’s not just a movie; it’s filled with indescribable emotions.

It took me 17 years to realize my

dreams to create an ideal movie

After watching the movie, Kamal sir spoke to me for about half hour and it also had the same effect on my contemporaries. I wanted to break away from the usual way of storytelling pattern and I think I pulled it off. The movie is about 2.15 hours and it will transport the viewer to a different world altogether. It will stay with the viewer for a long time and I’m sure that my efforts will prove to be successful. I have already received good reviews and encouragement.

We heard you encountered strange incidents while shooting for the movie. Can you tell us about that experience?

This whole movie itself could be termed as a miracle for me. I’m a god-fearing person who strongly believes in Jesus Christ. Sometimes I and the cameraman have had to descend to dangerous depths to shoot a perfect frame. I have always found the shots to be of my satisfaction.

I do not think a remake of this

movie is possible at all

Is a remake in the cards?

Somehow I do not think a remake of this movie is possible at all. I have recorded the beauty of the hills, moistness of the air, the clouds and the lush mountainside and do not think recreating it is possible at all. So every single day I worked for this project is impossible to forget. I have to thank everybody in my team for that. Every one of them worked hard, carried the equipments around with very little facilities, and had little to eat. I have made this film with the dedication that Hollywood films adopt when they shoot in Amazon jungles. So Myna is an unforgettable experience in my career.

There are people who think that the climax could have been different. What do you think about it?

Kamal sir also talked to me about it but I do not want to change the climax. That is the crux of the movie, the last few minutes of the movie is what would create the feel of the entire movie. So I don’t want to disturb that.

Kamal sir also talked to me

about it but I do not want to

change the climax

Who has more scope in the movie to perform; the hero or the heroine?

There are no such classifications in my movie. There are nine characters and this movie is a testimony of their lives. This is a wholesome movie and there is scope for everyone to perform. I cannot pick one above the other in terms of performance.

Can you tell us something about Imman’s work?

Imman worked as if he was a debutant for Myna. He dedicated 58 days to work on rerecording, background and various other aspects of the movie. This is a musical film. Hats off to him, he’s done a great job. His job will be evident when you watch the movie. You will feel the return of the Ilayaraja era after watching this movie where music played life-support for movies.

About Camera

I’m a still photographer myself. Sukumar, the cinematographer, is someone who fulfilled my vision in terms of cinematography for Mynaa.

Any risky shots you had to do for the movie?

There is a bus accident in the movie, which is very close to climax. We had to toil for a month to shoot those scenes. I planned the scenes on a cliff and during the first schedules; two cranes fell inside the ravines and could not be retrieved. But we didn’t deter. We went back and with the help of stuntmen, the shoots were done. Those scenes will be the highlights of the movie.

How would you categorize Myna?

This is an out-and-out romantic movie. The mood of love will be existent throughout the movie as a flavor. I have always received encouragement from the audience every time I tried out something new.

I always wanted to tread the unusual to present my viewers with a different experience and Myna has enabled me to do that. The movie is releasing for Diwali, it’s my request that everyone should watch and enjoy the movie. So, get ready for a new experience.

The mood of love will be existent

throughout the movie as a flavor

The endnote:

All of you have been listening patiently my experience about the making of Myna. I thank viewers for being with me while I shared my experience.

I wish fans and readers of a Happy Diwali.

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