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The label of superstar’s daughter is inherited whereas the personality of a young film producer is an earned one. Soundarya Rajinikanth takes her first step as a producer through Goa. Over to Soundarya…

Transition from running Ochre Studios to becoming a film producer?

Soundarya Rajinikanth: Ochre Studios is like my baby that was started three and half years ago with just ten people. Today my team is 150 in number. We started with graphics work, digital editing, color grading, and animation work and have now moved to a higher level, i.e., film production. In film industry, production is one department which gives job opportunities for many. That’s why I decided to produce films.

What kind of films would you like to produce?

Our films would be fun-filled and rich in entertainment quotient. They also would be spoken for quality in content, technical excellence and good script. I am keen to introduce new actors, directors, cinematographers, makeup men and editors. Hence we are working on those lines. Ochre Studios will serve as an excellent platform for the generation next.

" Ochre studios will serve

as an excellent platform

for the generation next "

What is Ochre’s contribution to graphics department?

We have done graphics work in many Tamil and Kannada films and are continuing to do so. Out of ten films, nine films have graphics but one cannot find out where it is being used. In Chennai-28, a tennis ball that featured was not a real one but generated through graphics. There are many such examples.

How did you choose Venkat Prabhu for your film?

There are 150 people working in my company and there is neither a boss nor a subordinate here. We all work as a team as friends. This is the main reason for our success. Venkat Prabhu’s team is also like this and he is friendly with everyone. I liked this quality of his.

Chennai-28 is my favorite film and before he commenced Saroja, I decided that he would be the director for my first film. I liked the story he told me and that’s how Goa was born.

What is the story of Goa?

Goa is a lively love story filled with romance and sentiment. Venkat Prabhu alone can deliver a film with all these features combined with youthful comedy. You will see this in Goa.

How is ‘Sultan - The Warrior’ shaping up?

" Sultan – The Warrior

is my dream project "

‘Sultan’ is a 3D animation film but does not require glasses. As everyone knows, my father is the hero in this. This is not a cartoon film but an animation film which will appear to have been shot live. This is very difficult and a time consuming affair. There are 24 frames per second and each frame requires a lot of work.

Sultan - The Warrior is my dream project which will showcase my dad in a realistic manner which was made possible by shooting him in infrared camera for ten days. When we want appa’s mannerisms, we need to fix animation in his movements. It is a laborious procedure but the effects will be fantastic and will be spoken about. This filming technique will be understood and appreciated in India only after Sultan’s release. The overseas market has a good potential and market for animation films just like live shoot films. I am very confident about Sultan opening many doors for us in the international market.

What kind of films you like?

I like all types - action, comedy, romance. But I like action sans violence. I abhor gruesome, bloodthirsty scenes. I love comedy and believe a film is incomplete if there is no rib tickling comedy. I also love period films.

" I like action

sans violence "

What are the boons and banes of being Rajinikanth’s daughter?

" My father is a King and

I am his simple daughter "

I am blessed to have been born to my parents. I feel very fortunate and lucky. I am thankful to God for this. As much as I feel proud to have Rajinikanth as my dad, there are also occasions where it has its shortfalls. It is like a coin having two sides.

The simplicity of my dad when he was a conductor has not left him even now. I want to be as simple as my dad but others do not understand me in the same vein. I am

running Ochre Studios and work on the graphics department for many films. If someone do not like our work or has a different feedback, they are not open enough to discuss these things with me. This is a very dicey situation. On such occasions, being a star daughter is not very advantageous. My father is a King and I am his simple daughter. I want to follow my dad in his simplicity.

How is it like being a woman film producer?

I face the problems and hurdles that are faced by other women industrialists. I also counter day-to-day issues like others. I am no different from others.

What are your other projects?

My policy is to make one film at a time. I have listened to around seven to eight scripts. I will decide in due course.

" My policy is to make

one film at a time "

What is the background behind your success?

As regards Ochre, I am not the boss who thinks that my workers should stand up and salute when they spot me. And they are also not the kinds who will work only when they see me. Everybody has their freedom and the opportunity to showcase their talent. All the employees of Ochre are masters in their respective domains and I have a friendly approach towards them. This is the reason for our success.

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