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Director Suseendiran who has an enviable track record of success, is ready with Rajapattai starring Cheeyan Vikram. This film touted to be a mass masala entertainer also has Deeksha Seth, Reemma Sen and Shirya Saran. Suseendiran talks to on Rajpattai.

Vikram has donned 17 get ups in


An overview of Rajapattai

This is my fourth film and my first with Vikram. This is a mass entertainer. Vikram has donned 17 get ups in Rajapattai unlike any of his other movies. We shot for 100 days, working hard for the movie. We have finished the entire movie in 5 months, which is a big deal in itself. This movie is produced by first time producer Prasad V Potluri under his PVP Cinema banner. Cinematography is by Madhie and music by Yuvan. I have retained mostly my Naan Mahaan Alla team. Story is written by Seenu, who worked with Vasanthabalan earlier.

Vikram, K Viswanath, Deeksha Seth, Thambi Ramiah, Arul Das

I received a call from Vikram’s office saying that he wants to meet me. I had no script or a suitable story for Vikram but I went ahead and met him. It is a big thing that artist like Vikram wanted to work with me. He told me that he saw Naan Mahaan Alla and liked that. He also expressed his willingness to work with me. I was kind of bowled over. He’s a senior actor and it’s a good opportunity to work with him. We wrote a script for him and Vikram liked it but for some reason that did not take off. Seenu’s script happened after that. Vikram beefed up 15 kgs for Rajapattai. We planned a funky look for him because we wanted him to look different in the movie. Our costume designer helped us a lot to achieve that look. It was the whole team effort and we are happy with the results. He plays classy, yet low-class Anal Murugan in the movie. You are going to see a very very local Vikram after 5 years. He’s done a fantastic job.

You are going to see a very very

local Vikram after 5 years

Besides that, the experience I gathered from working with legendary director and actor K Vishwanath is unforgettable. He is in his 80s but religiously comes to the set and lights up as soon as he hears the scenes. It’s worth watching him perform. I am grateful for him to work for the movie despite his age related ailments.

Deeksha Seth’s sincerity helped

big time for Rajapattai

Deeksha Seth, I am introducing her, is a really hardworking girl. She’s a humble, dedicated girl and is a very cooperative actor. Deeksha Seth’s sincerity helped big time for Rajapattai. Deeksha, Vishwanath and Vikram’s combination scenes are sure to bring the roof down in theatres. Love portions will be interesting. Thambi Ramiah and Arul Das have done comedy roles in the movie.

What genre is Rajapattai?

It deals with land grabbing; how land belonging to poor people is being taken illegally into possession. I liked the concept and decided to film it.

Did you plan Rajapattai before Azhagar Saamiyin Kudirai?

I had the idea for Azhagar Saamiyin Kudirai even when I was doing Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu. In the case of this movie, I bought the story rights of Seenu because I had to accommodate the movie’s production within the hero’s availability.

What is your take on directing films of other’s stories?

Only very few directors, say 10% of them, in the world direct their own movies. It’s only in Tamil movies that we do not have the concept of script writers whereas all the other regional language movies, Malayalam and Telugu, have them. It’s actually progressive that we are directing other’s stories.

Are you the only director who is directing films of other’s stories?

You can say that. But there are also other people, like Vasanthabalan who is directing Su Venkatesan’s Kavalkottam. It depends on director to director. Some people prefer directing their own stories while I prefer directing others’ stories.

Rajapattai’s villain

Pradeep Rawat plays a Muslim character, named as Vaapa. Unlike other movies, Villain in Rajapattai is not a baddie. He’s an average human being with all human failings. You will enjoy his performance, for a change. We have not unveiled the looks of another villain Avinash, who was in movies like Chandramukhi and Siruthai. He has never appeared onscreen with his original looks. He appears in his original self in this movie without any getups. He has done a fantastic job.

Villain in Rajapattai is not a


What do you like in cinematographer Madhie?

I worked with Madhie in Naan Mahaan Alla and we immediately hit it off. Meanwhile, in Azhagar Saamiyin Kudirai I introduced Theni Eashwar, who is a debut artist because Madhie had other commitments. Obviously in a big movie like this, the producer will have his own apprehensions to work with a new cinematographer. Besides, we decided to work with the entire Naan Mahaan Alla team and hence brought all of them.

Madhie does not compromise

Music in Rajapattai and Madhie’s work

Madhie loves cinema very much. He works for the perfection of the movie and he knows what is best for a particular scene. Madhie does not compromise and I like that quality a lot.

Yuvan often says that Iragai Pole song from Naan Mahaan Alla is his favorite. Same way, the song Podi Payyan Pole will be a super hit. You wouldn’t believe it if I told you where it is shot. Madhie’s work was fantastic for the song. Villathi Villan song is also a beautifully shot song. I loved Madhie’s work in both the songs and if there’s the requirement of a cinematographer for a mass entertainer movie, Madhie’s name will come to people’s mind after these songs.

Shriya and Reemma Sen in Rajapattai

This song happens in a shoot spot and they play the heroines. Their song Laddu Laddu will also be another enjoyable, catchy song.

Saloni in the club song

Saloni has done many Telugu movies and she has done an item song for this movie. Hero comes in 7 getups in this movie and she dances for the song ‘Villathi Villan’. It’s a visually catchy song.

Yuvan Shankar’s music

We first tuned Podi Paiyyan Polave. We are sure the reach will be huge for that song and the lyrics will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

On the title Rajapattai

Rajapattai means the pathway in which a king walks – like red carpet.

Highlight scene in Rajapattai

You will relate to a lot of things while watching this movie. I have mixed real life incidents with my imagination so you will think you have seen some scenes in real life.

The ‘Exterior’ feel in your films

I don’t know how it happens but that’s how my movies shape up. Perhaps, I like to talk about the things that happen in the outside world rather than inside four walls.

Budget in Rajapattai

It’s above 35 crores. It depends on the remuneration of actors and technicians. Every song costs as much as a crore because of sets and costumes. But in the end, when the movie makes business, it’ll all be earned.

Do you plan your films?

Not so much. Life happens. I do not plan my life. My projects also happen to me in that way. When I had not decided on what to do after Naan Mahaan Alla, Vikram called me up and asked me to do this film. I have not done commercial film so far, even Naan Mahaan Alla is offbeat. So I decided to test waters with this one.

Producer, team and editor

Producer is Prasad V Potluri of PVP Cinemas. Everybody has worked hard for this movie. Editor Kasi Viswanath has done full-nighters. We were very careful because this is a commercial movie and we ensured that every single frame is perfect. The movie’s duration is only 2 hours so it’ll be very fast paced. There is a lot of entertainment in this movie and Vikram’s fans will love him in this. Do not think that Suseenthiran has made another offbeat movie. This is my attempt at a full on commercial entertainer. Rajapattai will appeal to front benchers.

Rajapattai will appeal to front


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