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For television viewers, Thamira needs no introduction. He has worked under director K Balachander for eight years and has written screen play for popular serials like Sahana, Anni and Manaivi. He was also in charge of dialogues in the film Poi directed by KB. Currently, he is wielding the megaphone for Rettaisuzhi featuring K Balachander and Bharathi Raja which is the production venture of Shankar’s S Pictures. Catch Thamira in a candid chat with behindwoods.com

What made you bring Balachander and Bharathi Raja together?

Thamira: KB sir once told me a story for which I had written the script that had a sub plot. I felt it would be good to bring Rajni and Kamal together for this sub plot. However, KB felt it may not work out citing some reasons. Nevertheless, this idea was dormant in my mind which got polished over a period of time and made me team up these veterans on screen.

What are their characters in the film?

The juvenility inside these two adult men is their character. I needed a drawing depicting childish innocence and hence sketched two people playing marbles with mundasu (a head gear). I showed this to Bharathi Raja. He, who was insisting that he would only feature in his Kutra Pathirikkai and not under anybody’s direction, was so excited seeing the illustration and gave the green signal at once.

How did you convince Shankar to produce Rettaisuzhi?

I had earlier narrated the story to S Pictures. One day Shankar called me and asked, “What is so special in your story?” I showed him the drawing and he asked me to describe the story the next day. He at once okayed it and here I am on the verge of finishing the film.

What did Shankar say after seeing the film?

He saw the rushes after the first leg of shooting was completed. Except for exchanging the basic pleasantries, he never asked me about the film. But one thing that he told me after the script was approved, which I unwaveringly follow as a dogma is, “It is life that a director loses if his film flops but for a producer it is only money. Once you are committed to a film, it is in your hands to make it successful.” I have remembered these words and have taken every step in Rettaisuzhi very diligently.

" It is life that

a director loses if

his film flops "

What are KB and Bharathi Raja’s roles in the film?

" Balachander supports

Congress while Bharathi Raja

patronizes Communists "

Balachander supports Congress while Bharathi Raja patronizes Communists. This clearly indicates their contrasting characters. There is one song in the film ‘Enga oorai aalradu saamy’ which talks about their persona.

Can you elaborate on the friendship of these two legends?

The deep and intense bond between these two directors is the main reason for them to agree to feature in a film. Their camaraderie transcends the eleven-year age difference between them. They have transformed shooting days as friendship days.

Are there many children in the film?

Yes, there are 22 children from 6 to 16 years of age and we took two months to finalize them. I would say that after Anjali, there is a dearth of good children’s film in Tamil. Rettaisuzhi will fill that void. In my film, children

" They have transformed

shooting days as

friendship days "

will remain children and will not mouth dialogues of an adult. Their behavior will not be out of sync with their age. Parents who watch this film will be able to identify some traits of their child on the screen. Aari and Anjali are the debutant hero and heroine who speak for the children’s cause. While Aari is an army man, Anjali is a teacher.

Technically, how is Rettaisuzhi?

Chezhian’s cinematography is a pillar to the film. There are five songs under Karthik Raja’s music direction. He is bound to get true recognition after Rettaisuzhi.

" Rettaisuzhi will be

doubly appealing "

What kind of film is Rettaisuzhi?

It is a family film that can be enjoyed with your spouse and children. There will not be double entendres or disgusting scenes. Comedy is woven along with the main track and is not forced. Pathos would be laced with humor. I believe an interesting film will be commercially successful and in that manner, Rettaisuzhi will be doubly appealing.

Where was the film shot?

Tirunelveli, Cheranmaadevi, Ambasamudiram and Moolakaraipatti.

Any other interesting features?

As everybody knows in the industry, number 8 is the lucky number for Shankar and Rettaisuzhi is the eighth production venture of S Pictures. Karunas’s son Ken has played a role in the film and the audiences are sure to break into raptures the moment he appears on screen. K Balachander sir is Namitha’s fan in a scene.

" K Balachander sir is

Namitha’s fan "

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