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Vedi is releasing today and its heroine Sameera Reddy talks to about the film, Vishal, Prabhu Deva and allied subjects.

Can you say something about Vedi and your role in it?

Vedi is different from my earlier films. In Vaaranam Aayiram, I have done a girl-next-door character; it was a glamorous role in Asal and Nadunisi Naaygal was a serious film. In Vedi, I have gone all out for a commercial role. I play a college girl who fights with the hero and there will be comedy, action and song sequences.

I fight with the hero

I learnt a lot of comedy timing

from Prabhu Deva

On Prabhu Deva

Prabhu Deva has pushed me harder to give a different feel to my role in Vedi. Although I have done comedy in Hindi cinema, this is the first time I have done comedy in Tamil cinema. I learnt a lot of comedy timing from Prabhu Deva.

Prabhu Deva is always known as a fabulous dancer. He has also made me nervous during the songs. I used to work very hard to please him and I think we managed to do a good job.

Prabhudeva made me nervous

Compare your roles in Vettai and Vedi

I think both the films that I have chosen be it Vedi or Lingusamy sir’s Vettai, my character is very strong. My character Paro (in Vedi) is the only heroine and she has a lot to do in the film. There is a lot of build up of comedy between me and Vivek.

What I have observed is boys like to see the heroines as glam dolls and when women try to do much stronger roles, the guys don’t like if. So we are giving what the audience wants.

In Tamil we don’t see you that often. Why?

I do films all round India. I do films in Bengali, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. Since I am not a solo Tamil heroine, I cannot churn out films in every 3-4 months. I try to give my time to all. Yes, it is difficult to give out 3-4 films in a year. But I think this year has been pretty good – two films I have done in Tamil, two in Hindi and if Vettai releases in December 2011, then it would be 3 Tamil films this year.

I was blown away by Vishal

Working with Vishal and music in Vedi

Vishal is a fabulous actor. He is a very talented actor and I was blown away by his performance in Avan Ivan. I realize that it needs immense talent to do a strong role in Avan Ivan and to follow it with a commercial one and Vishal is undoubtedly hugely talented to work with.

Coming to music, Vijay Anthony has given an assortment of genres in songs. When you listen to the album, you will realize that. There is a glamorous number, a folksy one, there is an item number. The best number would be my introduction song with Devi Prasad where Devi is dancing. The songs of the film would be the high-point of Vedi.

Height factor between you and Vishal

I think Vishal is 6 foot 3 inches and he is very tall. When I first met him, I said, “Hey I am wearing high heels and still looking up to you”, I realized how tall he is. Being tall myself, I am 5.7 and still I was standing on top of boxes in romantic scenes and still had to look up at him with lovey dovey eyes. It was funny.

Are you in Viswaroopam?

I cannot comment on Viswaroopam. Yes, it was offered to me but it is still in the pipeline. We have to work dates out. It is not easy and it would be a dream to work with Kamal sir. He is a fabulous actor.

It is a dream to work with Kamal


Gautham Menon knows what the

audience wants

Gautham Menon

Gautham Menon is the one who gave me the start in Tamil cinema. I would say he is the reason why I am still here. He is a very dear friend. And yes, we would be working in a film next year. He is someone I am comfortable with. And I think the audience really loves his films as he knows what they want. It is like working with a family member for me.

How do you choose your films?

If I had chosen films for money, then by now I would have done 5-6 films. When Vaaranam Aayiram was a hit, many producers came to me with a very high amount but I was not happy with the roles. I am not one of those heroines who take on any roles. I choose a film for two reasons- one is script and the other is sentiment. For example, Nadunisi Naaygal was for sentiment reasons because Gautham wanted me to do the film and I did it. About other films like Vedi or Vettai, I chose them because I really love the characters.

I am not one of those heroines

who take on any roles

Item numbers work for


What is your take on item numbers?

I think the only item number that I have done is in Hindi for a Priyadarshan’s film as he is like family to me. I was never keen on it but now a days item numbers work for everybody and it is not bad anymore and it sells the film. It is a good thing to do. I don’t know if I would do them. Lets see.

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